Good and Bad Things About Grepolis

In Grepolis, players command over their own polis settlement in Ancient Greece. Take command of an army, summon champions and mythological beasts to fight alongside you, gain the benevolence of the Gods and smash your enemies to pieces. A free to play browser strategy is the game as progressive and creative as Ancient Greece was? Or is the game just a ruin?


Graphical Style – Although the game looks quite dated in places and a visual upgrade wouldn’t go a miss, overall the game still manages to look relatively decent and has a style that compliments the theme and tone of the game

Command Mythological Beasts – From Medusa to the Minotaur, players can command these legendary creatures in battle against their foes and have them compliment their own standard forces

AFK Building – Players can construct one building at a time, but with the handy queue it means you can choose the buildings you want to construct then go offline and the game will complete them in order without you even at the keyboard

Free Quick Rush – In order to get new players into the game slightly quicker the game has a quick rush feature to complete buildings, which typically uses premium currency. However, when the time to completion is under five minutes then players can rush it to finish for free

Polytheism – There’s a variety of gods from the ancient Greek Pantheon that you can give worship to, each contributing particular buffs to the player such as economy, resource gathering, war; players can switch who they worship as they need it


Boring Combat – The core focus of combat is simply building up a variety of units and selecting the ones you wish to fight with and clicking a single button and sending them off to fight; there’s no engaging mechanics or strategy and is all very lacklustre

Early Game Grind – Players are forced to repeat the same boring early content repeatedly, a combination of constantly upgrading buildings or attacking the same PVE bandit camps; it becomes extremely tedious very quickly

Building Takes Forever – It’s not long into the game before the short construction times you begin with are a thing of the past, and soon players have to wait ages before a building is upgraded; insult to injury you are only able to upgrade a single building at any one time

Minimal Features – When compared to other strategy MMOs Grepolis really falls short in regards to the number of things that you can do, even the developer’s other titles have more content, making Grepolis feel very dates

Pay To Win – Once a pay for convenience, the tide has changed and the competitive player scene is overrun by premium currency purchasing players, paying to get the edge, which makes it almost a requirement for everyone else just so they can keep up

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  1. vister

    good analysis , here is few good and bads ,

    good :

    1-players interaction in this game is unique from other games .

    bad :

    old graphic in browser (decent in phone app)

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