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Grepolis is a free-to-play online game for internet browsers set in the Ancient Greece in which players have to build up an empire from a small Polis (greek word for town).


The exploitation of resources forms the basis for the ascent of your Polis to become a powerful island power. In Grepolis, there are 4 resources - 3 normal types and 1 special type. The normal resources consist of wood, stone and silver coins. The mythical Pantheon in ancient Greece played a large role and because of this the fourth resource is the divine favor of the Gods. For all units and building, you require resources. You get the resources automatically through your mines (lumberjack, quarry, silver mine) or the temple (divine favor). Resources are produced constantly even if you are not logged into your account.


In Grepolis there are five gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena and Hades. Each god can enact four different divine powers (which affect different things such as troop attack or resource income or even defence) and call upon two unique mythical units.

Each city can choose which god to worship, however each city can only worship one god at a time. The higher the level of your Temple, the more favour you earn from your chosen god. You can spend this favour to enact divine powers or call upon mythical units.


In Grepolis when two units fight against each other, the basic attack values of the aggressor is compared to the defense value of its opponent in the respective weapon type (weapons are either for stabbing(Sharp), crushing(Blunt) or ranged(Distance)). The outcome of the battle is affected by certain other factors such as the strength of the city wall, divine powers, as well as the random good fortune factor that changes for each battle.


It is crucial to a successful attack or defense. It is vitally important to know the size and disposition of your enemies army. If you underestimate the defense effectiveness of the opponent, you will probably lose a major portion of your army. An overestimating of the opponent is to be sure less tragic, but also not optimal. You could dawdle away time with the construction of an army that would not have been necessary in this size at the time of the attack.  Espionage in Grepolis is the act of spying on an enemy city to see troop counts and building levels. This is often used to find out whether a city is worth conquering or to calculate your chances against that city's defense.


After a sever has met certain requirements, the whole server will enter "The Era of World Wonders" together. Once in the The Era of World Wonders, alliances must race to build these world wonders, by collecting up resources, on islands they own. For each World Wonder an alliance has completed, the players in that alliance will get 5% more favour.

There are 7 different world wonders to be built. Note that each alliance cannot build more than one of each type. The seven wonders are: Great Pyramid Of Giza, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, The Temple of Artemis, The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, The Colossus of Rhodes and The Lighthouse at Alexandria.


There a bunch of new premium features to enhance the Grepolis gameplay.

For example, you can use the attack planner, a new tool with which players can create and share a number of plans with friends and their alliances. This attack plan can have multiple targets. Also you can summon the Phoenician trader immediately with the use of gold, extend some divine powers or reduce research times.

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49 Comentarios de Grepolis

  1. Critical

    Unfortunately another failure in a long line of MMO failures exhibiting endemic design flaws typical of the genre.
    Strategy? Virtually non-existant: Build up a bigger force than your opponents and crush them. Those players who began early will have a numerical advantage over those who start late. The result. more than 90% of new players drop out after less than a week. Those that continue to play are punished by the more powerful who see them as easy pickings.
    The result? Power concentrated in a few and a world devoid of competition.

    Like its progenitors, the economics is shallow and meaningless, wood, stone, silver, all more or less interchangeable making their distinction redundant, the limiting factor being time, which is scarce for all of us.

    You must ask yourself whether its worth spending any time, let alone real cash, developing cities that will be taken away from you. This coupled with the trivial spreadsheet mechanics of combat and shallow economic system makes actually playing the game quite boring.

    Some effort has been made with the graphics but these are largely simple iconic images, hardly exploring the supposed connection with some fantastic ancient grekopolis. Every city looks the same and is curbed by the same arbitrary limits of development.

    In summary, I would have to classify grepolis as another failed attempt to jump on the MMO bandwagon, inheriting all the flaws of its predecessors and offering nothing new. The designers lack of even a basic understanding of game theory applied to playability makes for a dry, unsatisfying game experience.

    Strategy: 1/5
    Economics: 1/5
    Playability: 1/5
    Presentation: 2/5

  2. Bill Wang

    What he said is true. I quit Grepolis because there are 2 players attacking me who are way over powered. One 57432 troops and one who just have a alliance.

  3. jaaaa

    Grepolis is overall a good game, however you have to have spare time and willpower! @ Bill Wang bad luck but it is a war game. To be able to be a good Grepolis player you can’t take one attack and go crying about it, you have to carry on and be strong to succeed. Maybe you should consider playing Farmville?
    Grepolis has well thought out battle systems and buildings. The graphics are adequate and the strategy involved is very high. One of its only problems is that advanced players don’t use 2 types of naval units which are completely pointless.
    As for Critical’s comment perhaps Grepolis wasn’t the game for you!

  4. James Savik

    Looks good but its a terrible disappointment. As soon as you come out from under new user protection, you get swarmed by established players that want to farm you. Every time you get hit, you lose your entire army + resources so you can never build a defense. Just hit yourself in the head with a hammer. You’ll have more fun in the long run.

  5. This is grepolis


    I have been farmed before right after my beginner’s protection ran out then this player kept on farming me which caused me to finally restart.. That is the key, restart until you find an island or ocean with players the same points as you.. this will eventually give you time to build troops and grow..

    other options could also be messaging your “farmer” to stop or at least give you some time to build more troops or join the alliance..

    This is a strategy game.. think of lots of strategies to get out of a certain situation.. I have been playing this game (though it’s not perfect) what entertains me most is how players take on other players with brute force or flowery talk.. both are very effective depending on what type of game play you want.

  6. Game Sucks

    Was banned from this game because I sat and collected from my farms every five minutes for several hours over the weekend. They flagged me for using a script and refuse to review their own data.

  7. Alex

    While the game itself is…. meh, there are good aspects. The alliances and strategy of owning or taking part of a alliance is huge and that’s where the real fun is. The combat system is somewhat strategy based, but honestly it really just is one type is stronger than the other. Sometimes you work together to take out targets with your alliance mates.

  8. Mike

    I started playing Grepolis about 3 weeks ago. This is my first experience with MMO games. I am actually enjoying the game, and I’m no expert strategist by a long shot. I was fortunate to join a rather large alliance within my first week. I find that if you join an alliance, your neighbors aren’t so inclined to attack you because that would mean payback by the other alliance members. Even members from larger alliances think twice about attacking, unless they are looking to start a full-scale multi-city war.

    The only complaint I have about the game is that it takes so long to build up enough resources to upgrade buildings. The only way I’ve been able to build resources quickly is to pay for the premium services. Without the premium services, you really can’t compete with the big boys. Plus, I’ve been raiding my smaller neighbors. Not trying to be an a-hole, I just need resources.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. If you want to compete, be prepared to pay. And join an alliance as quickly as possible.

  9. wolverinewildman

    I have been playing grepolis for about a year and a half. Yes it is kind of slow building or when you loose attacking troops or defensive troops it takes a bit to build those back up. I do disagree with you Mike. You do not need to use there premiums in this game or gold in any way. I never have and never will. However you do need an alliance with great teamwork.

  10. Puff

    I have been playing Gepolis for about 2 months. I have yet to pay for services, but I also joined an alliance early. I also have already played Evony which is a similar game. Grepolis is interesting, and I do like it. i would disagree with the assessment that the resources a redundant. You can build a defensive army or an offensive army (both are required for an effective alliance) and you need different resources to make each army. It is true that if you get stuck next to someone who bigger and older than you, it can suck, but that is true of all of these games. I haven’t played enough to know if its possible to do in grepolis, but in Evony, you used to be able to watch to see when the new world opened up. These games takes months of play to really get the full experience, so waiting to start for a few days or even longer is not so much of a big deal.

  11. nick

    the game is good but requires a massive commitment level to succeed however the support staff are crazy handing out bans over complete trivia
    for the player paying for premium service it unacceptable

  12. Meh

    I’ve played this game for nearly 2 years.

    The alliance system means that you can balance things against “the big boys” BUT try getting into a good alliance if you are getting farmed so much you can’t build up your city to a point where anyone will accept you. Maybe if you play for 20 hours a day and avoid all the attacks you might have a chance.

    And yes there are crazy mods AND crazy players who will do anything to try to get people banned to gain an advantage.

    Good game format, terrible in practice.

  13. Bret

    Ok game, but developing a city takes WAY too long. Build times for upgrades are ridiculous, especially after level 20. Pointless to play for free, premium features required, or it sucks. And of course, advertised as free but money is required, if you want to stand a chance. Overall extremely disappointed, mainly because most things needed to succeed take absurdly high resources and building levels, and the afore mentioned time to build up said bldgs to levels that you can actually use is crazy. My tip to make game better, eliminate premium features, drastically cut both the resources needed to level up, and the time it takes to level up. Even starting from beginning of “world” sucks, unless you play 24/7, and have shit ton of money to spend on premium features. Make the game on a cd, sell it, and eliminate premium features. also, instead of hours, make bldg upgrade times minutes. not hours. And change certain aspects, academy should be free, wall should be more effective than it is, armies shouldn’t cost so much, and etc. Terrible game, regret the day I started it.

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  15. daniel9393

    well it is easy to see that there is not one greoplis fan our dedicated player commenting hear
    iv been playing since january and i am enjoying it a lot
    i think a lot of the people complaining about gold a are the ones who got farmed by players who may or may not use gold it is not hard to make a player go inactive by farming them. i have done it without using an ounce of gold. i do use a we bit of gold but realy it dose not give me that much of an advantage
    the key to success is been active and joining a new world and joining a good alliance
    and if you dont have that mutch time join a sppd one revolt workld and that way you will have some time to prepare for the cs attack
    and i do agree with the people who say that the shared connection should be done away with as i do not understanding the reasoning behind it

  16. grepoSUCKS


    this game is for gold cradit card user…. game is pointless and if you have admin playin in your alliance you just cant lose, and that happens, trust me… i have reported few players for giving their accounts to another player with hard evidence(new account owner message addminting the is new owner) and innogames unbanned the player cause he is probably using tons of cash for premuim and rebuilding troops

  17. G

    As mentioned, this game advertises itself as a free game. However, nothing is further from the truth. In order to get anywhere, you MUST have gold to use the various leader attributes. Otherwise, you will be automatically set lower than those that do. Not to mention, the special features attached to these attributes are the only items that make a multi-level empire playable. Anyone who says otherwise is not being truthful.

    There is a real problem with the moderators of this game. They act very much like children. They are angry, petty and impetuous. You can be banished on whim. If they even think that you may be doing something wrong, it typically is banish without question. I hav seen something as petty as two people getting banished for having similar names. Even if you pay, this happens. Appeals are useless since they go to the moderator as well. A very poor business model.

    Overall. I would say that the game is initially sort of catchy, but it is time consuming and requires a great deal of monetary investment to get anywhere. The administration set-up of the game is quite horrible. This will detract from anything positive about it. If I have to give a 1-10 star ranking (with 1 being the worst), I would give it a 2. I do NOT recommend this game. If you do try it, you will likely come away thinking the same shortly afterwards as well.

  18. Orm

    I agree with G.
    This game is just not worth it. I played for over 3 years on different worlds. You need lots of money to get anywhere, and after a while the game becomes repetitive and boring.
    The Mods are petty and childish; and yes they do play the game and use banning to their own advantage.
    I got banned for a shared account when my daughter wanted to have a go. I appealed, proved my point, so they just changed the reason for the ban.
    Take my advice; avoid this game at all costs.

  19. golem

    I checked it out. Not worth my time as I have a life.

  20. carpenter5

    I’ve been reading the reviews as I have only been playing for a few days. I have to say that this game is soooo boring. It takes forever to build anything or recruit anything. I was hoping it was more like Age of Empires, which it is not. I will not give these people any real money, they can kiss my ass. I have yet to be farmed by another player but I can assure you that if I am wiped out I will play my Xbox instead.

  21. scrubbyjimbob

    I played(and payed for) grepolis for about a year before taking a break from it due to it’s high demands on your freetime. I returned recently and ran into issues with the mod staff after only a day. I was banned and accused of cheating. They said I was boting or using a script when I wasn’t. I tried to get to the bottom of the issue and got nowhere. I’m including a copy of my experience for others to see before they too get suckered into the game and possibly suffer what I did.

    scrubbyjimbob2013-12-14 06:59:30

    I just received a block due to suspected bot/script activity. I am really unsure how this could have been presumed as I have never used either in any world of Grepolis that I have played. I did get a captcha code request a few minutes prior to being booted off of the server and got a message that it was answered correctly. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    IcedDragon2013-12-14 08:55:18

    Hello scrubbyjimbob,

    Our support tools have detected your account to be using an automated bot, or script, that performs ingame actions, perhaps whilst you are sleeping or otherwise not physically playing. Please note that these are completely forbidden in Grepolis. There is a list of pre-approved game-scripts that can be found here.

    The evidence gathered is fully conclusive, and no details of our findings can be revealed at any time in the interests of keeping our methods secure from those who wish to cheat. The rules clearly state that this is forbidden, and as a result of this we have no choice but to temporarily exclude you from the server. Please note that if we catch you using an unapproved script or bot in the future, you risk further punishments.


    Senior Moderator

    scrubbyjimbob2013-12-14 09:49:32

    What specifically am I being accused of using? I was awake the entire time and present at my PC from the time I first entered Eubea. What exactly was deemed “wrong” that flagged me for this offense? I used no scripts or bots and did all of my in game actions with my own presence and intent. I don’t appreciate being accused of cheating when I haven’t been. Might this be some sort of error possibly resulting from either the island quest rewards or one of the Christmas rewards or something wrong in the recent update? It’s hard to appeal an unsubstantiated claim without even being given a clue what happened to bring you to this conclusion. Also without knowing what I’ve supposedly done that’s wrong, how am I suppose to correct the action? As far as future punishment I can assure you that if this isn’t resolved I have absolutely no intention of returning, again I don’t appreciate being called a cheater when I haven’t. Once again your assistance in resolving this would be appreciated.

    IcedDragon2013-12-14 18:06:52

    I have consulted with another senior member of the team, and we are in agreement that the ban was placed correctly.

    I would recommend you uninstall whatever script, add on, or extension you have enabled to prevent this from happening again.


    Senior Moderator

    scrubbyjimbob2013-12-14 19:22:00

    Without knowing what the problem is, how do I know what to uninstall? I haven’t installed any scripts/add ons/extensions that to my knowledge affect this game or how it’s played. This lack of feedback is disturbing and rather one sided. It would seem that a moderator can just label a player a “cheater” without any real proof or evidence under the simple assumption that they are right and don’t have to explain how they are. This evidence is suppose to be “fully conclusive” yet that is hard to believe that this is the case when you can’t even tell me what I’ve done wrong. Is this because I was 5 minute farming the entire time I was logged in? Did I click through my farms too quickly, seemingly inhumanly fast? Did my growth seem out of the ordinary in your eyes? It just seems strange that I’m being labeled as a cheater when I was merely keeping pace with the other active players on my island. Grepolis moderators have developed a reputation for bias and questionable bans like this. They are recruited ingame and have ties with other ingame players. In the past I’ve always attributed it to dishonest people making excuses, but I’m beginning to see some truth in the statements I’ve read in my time in the game. I’d still like to give the mod team the benefit of the doubt mostly because it’s hard to believe I could have been viewed as much of a threat after only about 15 hours in a new world without any ties or alliance. I’m not asking for “trade secrets” that will undermine your ability to catch actual cheaters. All I’m asking for is an explanation of what I actually did wrong beyond a vague response like “uninstall whatever script, add on, or extension you have enabled “. Without knowing what the problem is I have no idea how to go about trying to fix the issue. Like I’ve stated numerous times I have not been using a bot/script to cheat in this game and if some other add on that is in Chrome can mimic such activity I don’t have the slightest way of knowing what it is or how to remove it. I’m not a programmer or computer guru. I haven’t even used the “approved scripts” as they seem kind of pointless and lazy. The only 3rd party site I even use is grepointel for maps to see the layout of alliances, etc. As a returning player who was a paying customer it doesn’t seem too much to ask for a real explanation on what I did so I can take steps to prevent it. Without knowing what I did wrong what is to stop this from happening again?

    IcedDragon2013-12-15 06:16:35

    I am very sorry, but I can not disclose what information we look for to catch rule breaking.
    As I said, the evidence has been looked at by multiple parties and we are in agreement that the ban was placed correctly.


    Senior Moderator

    scrubbyjimbob2013-12-15 08:05:29

    Sadly your condolences do little to ease the indignation that I feel toward this situation. It still boils down to being told I’ve done something wrong and then not being told what it was so I can insure I don’t do it again. This farce of an appeal system has only shown me beyond a doubt that the rumors of the authoritarian efforts of the team that is suppose to help make the game better place for their customers is merely a sham to help themselves and their chosen by bending and creating their own rules to their advantage. Rest assured I’ll never play this or any other Innogame again and will do my best to warn other prospective customers through social media outlets(I’ve kept a copy of these correspondences) before they too get suckered into this sham the same way I was. Enjoy your pittance of free gold that Inno gives you to unbalance their game(in lieu of actually paying a real support staff) while they waste money on advertising… it will eventually all crumble around all your heads the way things are ran now.

  22. Randall

    I have been playing for about 3 months now in an alliance but have decided to give it up. There are people that for various reasons, are able to play 24/7 365 which means you can’t have a life and compete with them. Its a very poor setup by the game designers.

    In addition, those who say you don’t need gold are COMPLETELY WRONG. Sure you can play without it but without the advisors which cost $7 a week (you do the math), you cannot compete with other players who do. For example, having the captain gives a 20% boost to your attacks!!! I know someone has to make money on this but really, do that math and its totally overpriced compared to other online games where one buys a $60 cd with key and never pays more.

    And as others wrote, unless you begin in a new world during the first week, you will be far behind the others and farmed out of existence. Overall poor game, poor graphics, poor value.

  23. Ritik

    What are you whining about?
    To avoid farming after you come out of protection that is the strategy. To build your troops to defend yourself during the protection 14 days is enough and moreover if you are crying about the resources keep them under protection level of the warehouse suckers probably half of you don’t even know about it and come crying here.
    The 14 days are enough to get you started and for you to get into an alliance.

  24. Concerned Mom

    My 9 year old is a huge mythology fan and is desperate to try this game. I don’t want him chatting with strangers online. How do players interact in this game? Thanks for any insight.

  25. CIPHER

    I was a 3 year veteran of grepolis who played on 32 worlds on 2 servers, I can say that grepolis has really collapsed. I am sorry but I now hate this game. I experienced 2, that’s right, TWO worlds out of 32 where I had fun. I was constantly trying to find a good world after EN Epsilon ended to no avail. Every 30 worlds that I joined afterwards ended the same way. I was either ganged up on by 5 to 20 players whose points each exceeded at least 300k compared to my usual 2k after protection ends and the vast amounts of troops they had blew my defenses away, or I would join an alliance who was pacted with every alliance over 5k points in one enormous pact party. You can either be destroyed immediately or die slowly from boredom since you can’t attack anyone due to pacts. This is how it was for 30 WORLDS, I’m not kidding. I kept joining worlds over and over hoping to find a fun world but it all ended the same. I quit grepo back in April and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I will never go back to this disappointment.

  26. Ironhawg

    I have tried to enjoy Grepolis, but I am done. I have restarted several times and each time ends the same way; attacked by a much bigger player with multiple cities who wipes out all my troops that took forever to build. Initially the game is fun until your beginner protection expires and the vultures soon sweep in. I am going to find a better use of my time. The sad thing is that Innogames won’t care because I am not a paying player.

  27. hw

    They call this a strategy game, but it is not:
    -This games is about micro managing . E.g. you need to farm to get as much resources as possible. This means in fact just pushing buttons. If you want to be high on the ranking then farm every 5 minutes throughout the day (and distroy your private live). The longer you play the more cities you have and the more you are pushing buttons instead of thinking about strategy. Grepolis is about pushing buttons not about strategy.

    – In between pushing the buttons you will find yourself waiting until you actually can do some thing of building or attacking. Boring!

    -The moderators are recruited in game and are some young guys that like and mis-use the power they have been given. Decisions are often biased and communications of moderators are often rude, not a way you would like to be treated as a paying player.

    – Paying for a games is a normal thing to do. However when you play a 10 euro a month for this game, you still do not have any chance of playing in the top. A paying gamer spending around 10 euro a month (which make the game more expensive than a DVD game) should have a game where the good strategy makes the difference. Innogames is so fond of earning money that they give players an unlimited possibility to spend money (and players are doing that). Innogames is selling the top rankings in the games to the highest bidder. In fact it is not gaming contest but a shopping contest.

    – The games does not have a decent end game. A world is continued for years and only ends when so almost everyone has left because it became boring. At the at of the game the only thing you find yourself doing is attacking player that are no longer active. There should be a moment where a winner is declared after which the games stops.

    – The game can be played from pc and also mobile phone. On your phone you will be get messages that you are under attack. this will happen when you are on work, playing with your kids or do nice activities in real live. To make a chance in the game you should react on the message by arranging your defense. It will ruine your private live or cost your job.
    – It is nice to play games when you have some free time. It can be relaxing or exiting. The important thing is that you choose when you play. When you start with grepolis that is how it is. Grepolis is however a 24/7 game and after some time you will find out that you are playing at times that you did not want to play. You might found out that after some time the games is getting you to play while you did not want to.
    – It is nice to play with alliances. You have a group of players with a common goal. But again this is a 24/7 game. You find out when you do not play for several days (because you have not vacation days left) that the enemy takes some of your cities. when your “friends” see this the will prevent the enemy from taking more of your cities by attacking you and take all your cities. Innogames give you the opportunity to buy more vacation days. Yes you read this correctly, you will be paying to be able not to play.

    – Only players that started when the world was opend have a real chance. Starting a few months after the first players is pointless when you want a high ranking and play in the top. It is not about strategy, it is about starting from the beginning.

    Be smart do not start with Grepolis. At first it looks nice, but you will find out it is not.

    Even better, don’t play any Innogames. In game payment is a to big factor in the game.

  28. Rock

    agreed what a waste of time . got ganged up and died and couldn’t do a thing but look till I was dead my sweety was first to go Iwas next day. they gang upo on you and take your city you spent 2 months trying to build . graphics are bad and the game is crap. and the ones that say I should play farmville after I said WTF. in a email deserve it and I hope they play and pay alot for this worthless game.

  29. Michael

    Grepolis is just Evony with different graphics. It’s been my experience that these games can be a total waste of time because most of the effort I put in the game is usually futile. The so called alliances are usually traps and are usually composed of just 1 or 2 people using hacks/scripts, creating multiple accounts to create “alliance members”, who try to lure the unsuspecting into an unhealthy environment where they are mostly victimized. I don’t know why so many people playing these games use the bait and switch, or whatever you’d call it strategy. Maybe they watch too many spy movies or are extremely antisocial, I don’t know. I’ve read some reviews where people said they had been banned unjustly for cheating, but the Grepolis folks seemed to have banned the wrong people because the amount of hacking and scripting in these games combined with the other stuff makes them unplayable.

  30. Ian

    I have just been banned for 3 days by Dark Queen for supposedly using scripts or bots ( which I have not done ) . I too have submitted a ticket of appeal against my banning , and received what seems to be the standard response saying that they have conclusive proof which they cannot provide to back up their claim .

    Clearly the senior in game moderators will never find in favour of those banned , and will never admit to making mistakes or apologise .

    There can be no proof of automated attacks as I have only sent 2 attacks ( LS only ) to destroy a CS in a city that revolted mine .

    The BPs I have received lately are entirely gained from defending fellow alliance members cities from incoming attacks from our rival alliances .

    Can you have defence bots saving other members cities ?

    The farming I have done is not in 5 minute intervals , or even immediately after the previous farming time finishes ( sometimes hours later , sometimes days )

    So where have they gained the conclusive proof they claim .

    My belief was that moderators were in place to stop fools from swearing or make racial remarks ,stop people from spoiling it and make sure the game is running smoothly so that the players are enjoying it .

    However , it seems that the moderators are the ones spoiling it by making false claims of cheating , refusing to consider players appeals fairly , and are even arrogant in their reply ( as seen in some of the above posts )

    Innogames is spending a fortune advertising on TV to get new players to join in the Grepolis experience .

    A well known fact is that 1 good comment from a happy consumer is worth another person joining

    1 Bad comment takes 10 people away

    Hendrik Klindworth , the unjust actions of your appointed moderators are counteracting the advertising you are paying for .

    This is not good business practice to continue doing.

  31. Taintus

    I have the same story as others here. I was banned for playing too much. They assume I was running scripts/bots and no amount of discussion will convince them otherwise, nor will they try to find out what is giving them the false flags. The other thing is that if your not in on a new world, it is almost impossible to last very long. No matter how big you become, if your not a member of A very strong alliance, you are just someone building cities for them to take. And without some of the premium helpers, captain, advisor, merchant, etc. (which costs gold)- (which costs cash) It would be very difficult to manage your empire after about 10 or more cities.

  32. Ray

    I too was banned recently for playing too much. I was accused of having a bot scripts. I didn’t know such a thing existed until I was accused of using it. The moderators, especially IcedDragon did not want to hear anything I had to say. I was stupid enough to pay for go in this game. After being false accused I am trying to get my money back as I don’t want to play this game ever again. It’s funnt how sure they are in their system yet how incorrect they are at the same time. Do yourself a favor and stay away. At least don’t spend any money on the game since it’s very easy for them to just destroy everything you have worked very hard to build.

  33. John

    i got banned too
    because of lots of clicks
    so YOU CANNOT MAKE SPAM attacks and RECALL you can not farm twice a day
    I told them have my account logging check it
    use the event log, team viever what ever you want
    but still they reply copy paste
    you are boot user
    Really ?
    how many boot users you know
    that say check my account ? / pc
    very rude been here from the begining of EN and later US
    used to play other games too forge of empires and tribal wars
    but from now on

  34. Ian

    Hi All ,

    It seems that the moderators decided to suddenly ban a lot of people for exactly the same reason , and have completely decided to ignore all appeals regardless of proof .

    It is becoming clear that whatever tools the moderators are using are bugged or being misinterpreted , or the moderators have their own agenda ( maybe a gold reward for banning).
    There is a possibility that following recent changes to the program i.e myths values etc , that the detection tools has developed faults .

    Due to the number of people recently banned , this should have flagged up a system error to the mods which should have removed all the recent bans immediately , together with mass emails apologising to those who were called cheats .

    Clearly as a secondary check the mods should observe Grepointel to see if any suspect has made any advances that would imply cheating before banning .

    The moderators are the face of Grepolis should any problems occur
    Their preset responses are both insulting and clearly show contempt of Grepolis customers

    The added issues where people have lost their money in purchasing gold to advance in the game , only to lose it when getting banned , should be submitted to Germanys consumer protection organisation , as this breaches european consumer laws and has a 2014 ammendment .
    You may get refunded your payments , but all complaints against Innogames will be recorded .
    Disgruntled Players , Please stop threatening legal action . Do you really think you can afford the legal costs to take Innogames to court , or the losses when you lose aggainst their highly qualified barristers .

    Let Consumer Protection deal with the matter , its free

  35. Ian

    Hi again all ,

    Having read Richards post in The Law Pages in response to Roberts request for an address to take up his appeal against the unjust banning he received

    Richard has clearly stated that there is no higher complaints procedure than the community manager .

    Does Richard have full authority to represent Innogames and their directors ( including Hendrik Klindworth managing director), their opinions and legal requirements as a financial internet business .

    Is Richard a fully employed member of Innogames ( paying taxes etc) ?

  36. Ian

    I have now found that Richard is not an employee of Innogames

    The game rules does state that the community managers have the final say in disputes , but nowhere does it say that Innogames cannot be contacted about the situation if the community managers or moderators are acting in such a manner as to which could damage the name and financial future of the company .

    However , I am sure Innogames would be well within any legal rights to take action against the community managers and moderators for causing harm to the Innogames Trademark name for purposeful acts against its customers that bring its name into disrepute .

    Any financial losses due to the actions of the individuals that have brought its name into disrepute , aswell as any legal costs in raising the case can be pursued (by Innogames )against the community managers and their team .

    Innogames Hamburg has been made aware of the disputes .

  37. EnixStar

    The main problem with this game is not so much the game itself but rather the game MODS/SENIOR MODS they choose to ban someone for the smallest thing what so ever, They are like a corrupt government no matter how much you complain or prove your innocence you still get the same reply back from them & then banned.
    It is wrong and brings what is a potentialy a good game into the gutters, Inno should really start looking into the MODS and how corrupt a lot of them are, They are ruining the game, Classic example of the MODS banning someone is having a city name they say may offend someone instant ban but then they think it’s acceptable for a guy on the same server the send an entire alliance seriously offensive material constantly and they say put him on block i mean seriously? this one person should have had a life time ban due to proven multi accounting and the amount times he broke the rules in any other game he would have been banned but not in grepolis due to the corrupt MODS/SENIOR MODS. that is just one example there are many more.

    To sum it up grepolis is a good game if you have the time for it, you don’t need to use gold but you WILL find yourself lacking compared to gold users and if you can avoid having a dispute with the MODS then i would say give it a try.

  38. miop

    wow, banned for 24 hours even though i didn’t break a single rule, no email or anything.
    i try to login and get this message:
    Your account is blocked.
    Reason You have been banned due to a confirmed message or complaint!

    i admit ive spent on gold for the holiday tyche’s events/speedups/advisors but consider that done. take your money elsewhere! these idiots shoot first and ask questions later!

  39. miop

    how can i forget, the message came with:
    The account continues to be attackable despite the block.

  40. WarVet

    Totally lousy game. Been playing war games fo for over 10 years now as part of a group who are #1 on every server in every game we play. Decided to try this game for a change of pace from the higher grind and NPC content games I am used to playing FOR FUN. No fun allowed in this game. Totally pointless activities, totally pointless resources and res requirements. Alliances totally pointless if you aren’t in one of the top 3 or 4 within the first 2 weeks of a new world. Run across an in game Mod and say “Hello” with your eyes crossed? Banned. And always an attackable ban. Vcation mode? Gawd forbid you actually have an IRL emergency like a u funeral, medical problem or death in the family. Go on VM- and be attackable for 48 hours while you are unable to attack back, or attack your own cities to break a siege, or attack farm villages to get res.

    Totally unplayable, totally profit driven for heavy coiners, totally devoid of actual strategy and totally devoid of honestly and innovation. And the phone and mobile apps? USELESS, since you can’t post anything using BB Code, causing you Alliance mates to ignore your SOS calls or requests for help with clearing attacks or support behind a CS. Inno Games… hire 1 tech/coder form the US and stop using the D average flunkies from India and Uzbekistan.

    Review? Is there a Negative rating here I can use? -5 stars. MINUS folks.

    Lemmee guess. The positive reviews here are from GAME MODS and INNO EMPLOYEES. Totally a waste of 6 months of my time.

  41. chris

    banned out of nowhere for an ‘offensive communication’- even though the only people i have communicated with- are friends and allies that i have never insulted! take your money and time elsewhere for entertainment
    unless you like being punished for being successful in the game

  42. Tristan

    I just got a ban for apparently multiaccounting and … the other one … co-playing. i emailed them 6hrs ago to ask for details (since i am unaware of doing either) … no response.

  43. abrose

    I actually like this game a lot. Yes it is slow to start, but it picks up pace once you are able to conquer cities. Gold is also helpful but I have NEVER used it and I am now the founder of the 5th best alliance in my world. This game is great once you’ve played for a bit. Each battle has pretty basic strategy but on a large scale it requires a lot of strategy (like wars.) The key is to be a team player and be relatively active (the alliance forums are really useful for communication) Morale is also a great feature, it makes it so that if a player is a lot bigger than you it costs them a lot to attack you. This makes it easier to grow even if getting started is still hard. The key is to stick with it for a month before you decide whether or not to quit.

  44. EmmetEarwax

    These comments do not encourage me to ever restart playing. Bans, pay to play, etc., unplayable…

    I played years ago, but just walked away due to being unable to do anything. I got messages in my eMail asking me to come back,that my people needed me – but I responded by blocking eMail from Innogames or whatever it’s called. No trouble since. It dawned on me that the game demands 24/7 use -and I have to sleep, shop, go to work, eat ,etc. …

  45. Meta

    The game used to be good but that was like 3 years ago. Nowdays, all you need is gold. Top fighters, the real ones are already gone and grepo legends are not what they used to be. No gold no party – that’s how grepolis functions now.
    ps. In game moderators quite often interfere and help certain players, so, its not only enemy alliance that you have to fight with – you have to fight mods too.

  46. Buser

    As many of the other players that have wrote here I was banned on wrongfully grounds. The support claim that I use script/bot to make automatic commands. I am one of the top players in Sweden and I have played the game since it came out here. Over the years, this have happend at almost every server, that 1 or 2 top players get banned wrongfully. This is destroying every server unfortunately. Every time this happends a lot of players stop play the game and never comes back. The game is on the verge of extinction because this reason.

    It does not matter how much you prove your innocence, the support bans without any evidence and can not even produce any data or facts that shows what is the source behind the bans. I will never ever set my fot in this game again and I warn everyone who even have a thought of playing it, DON’T.

  47. tommo61

    Grepolis has potential, but is just a game. On Sunday, most people hang out with family and go to church. On Monday, most people go to work or school. I was attacked over 600 times on Sunday, but sunk ALL 20 Colony ships sent by Bobby’s Cowards. i though they’d leave me alone after ruining Sunday. Nope. Another 600 attacks on Monday. I asked Innogames how to get relief from a SWARM of NOOBS? They said their game was more important than Church, Family, or any job.
    So I quit their Bull$hit game! The cowardly noobs can have it. Since they have no jobs, I wonder how much gold they can buy in game?

  48. James Rademaker

    Grepolis has a tendency to ban players for no good reason right after you purchase their game gold. This way they get to steal your money. I’ve been a player since 2012. I signed up, chose a name, submitted it for approval and it was excepted. Through the years I’ve grown to be a well known player. I even had an ongoing article in the Grepolis Forum under this name that was a hit with the other players. Through these years I’ve purchased well over $1,000 in their “Game GOLD” that is needed to play this FREE game. Upon my last $80 “gold purchase” I was immediately BANNED. Their reason “They didn’t like my American name since this is a German based company. They kept my money. Since this is a German based company you won’t be able to do a thing about it to recover your money.

    If they would put as much effort in making a decent game instead of using their site to steal peoples money this might be a good game. If you have read the previous complaints it’s 50% of people getting ripped off!

    Let the evidence speak for itself! Play at your own risk if you don’t mind being taken by a bunch of thieving Germans. That seems to be the only way they can make money. This holds true for ALL Innogames.

  49. Grepocrooks

    Had played Grepo since the beginning. It got pretty good & fun for a moment then they continued to make changes for the worse. Game Mods are corrupt, all Grepo players w friends in each world. You can be banned just when someone complains, no evidence just a complaint. They also seem to like to ban after buying gold. GREPOLIS & INNO are THIEVES & the game is all but useless now. Ruined a good thing, stay away from this game Pay to Play & boy do they know how to make you pay!

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