Good and Bad Things About EVE Online

In EVE Online players step into the role of a new pilot catapulted to infamy after playing a pivotal role battling against enemy invaders. A look at a distant future for humanity sees a war-torn universe of New Eden being fought over by influential factions and Corporations. This deep MMORPG has some truly devoted fans, but also many critics, check out our Good & Bad to find out why…


F2P “Alpha” Accounts – The game now has “Alpha” Clone accounts for F2P players, giving full access to New Eden and its content, but placing a new of progression and customization based restrictions on Alpha accounts

Numerous Ways to Play – If the quiet life of an asteroid miner suits you, or someone hauling freight and cargo across the universe is your thing, then players can seek out the quiet life; but equally they will have to defend themselves from those player pirates seeking to plunder easy prey and make a more nefarious living

PLEX System – Players can buy PLEX using real cash which is then applied to their character to give them a set period of full member “Omega” Clone status, however, PLEX is also an in-game item that can be carried and traded, allowing payers to pay cash for PLEX then sell it to other players for ISK in-game currency. This allows players to essentially purchase in-game currency, and allows others to earn in-game currency through playing and pay for their full membership

Player-run Economy – The ecomomy in EVE Online is extremely complex and players, particularly the largest player Corporations in the game, can directly influence the prices of goods, the value and inflation of currency, and the cost of services. Many players closely monitor the market to buy and sell at the right times to get the best returns

Corporation Shareholders –In-game guilds/clans are known as Corporations, and as the name suggests are run similar to a business; when formed the Corporation has a set number of Shares that can be divided out to members, sold and traded. These shares represent the total number of votes an individual shareholder has on key decisions such as alliances, trade agreements and even war declarations


Big Learning Curve – The sheer number of options on what to do in EVE Online can be overwhelming for new players, with so many systems, ways to play and an extensive list of menus and further submenus to try and navigate; it can all be quite daunting trying to learn everything

Heavy F2P Ships Restrictions – There is a small pool of ships available to F2P Alpha Clone accounts, unfortunately these accounts are also restricted from using ships/tech from factions outside of their own, which reduces this pool of ships even more leaving very few choices

Tolerance for “Grief Play” – Some of the things players are allowed to do in the game just wouldn’t be tolerated in other MMORPGs. Stealing and scamming other players out of their goods (including any that were purchased through cash) is seen as acceptable and “realistic”. Camping new player areas for easy kills, or holding PVE miners ransom forcing them to pay a toll to operate in the area. Waiting at Jump Gates to then “gank” unsuspecting arrivals over and over. These types of actions are fairly commonplace in the game and are extremely off-putting to a lot of players.

Slow Progression – Skill progression is at a set rate, and is slower for Alpha Clones, traveling around can take a long time, killing AI enemies is a lot harder with increased PVE difficulty, roaming bands of PKers make it hard to get anything done. All in all it can take weeks or even months to get ahead in the game and PVP, for most, is a distant goal

Lacklustre Solo Play – Aside from the obvious of not having anyone to help defend you against gankers, it’s hard to experience much of the content on your own and so the solo play content early on is very boring; without friends or a Corporation the game can feel extremely lonely

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