Good and Bad Things About DarkOrbit Reloaded

Developed by Bigpoint, DarkOrbit Reloaded takes players to a distant future where they will fight with one another as part of galactic factions fighting for resources. Accessible through web browsers and completely free to play, the game has been around for a good few years, but let’s take see if the game still has what it takes to draw in a crowd.


Simple to Learn – The game has a variety of features, but at its core it’s a simple game that is easy to pick up and has complexity in various systems. Whilst DarkOrbit has no official mobile App, players are able to play through 3rd party browser programs where the game’s simple point and click combat really shines on mobile platforms

Good Graphics – A far cry from some of the more newer released browser MMOs, for its age the game still looks decent, the graphical revamp had last helped to keep it up to date a little, but it still has some retro charm

Team Based MMO – Whilst playing solo isn’t a fantastic experience at times, the game is extremely fun when played with a Clan or friendly group, whether tackling challenging PVE content or fighting other clans in open PVP

Global Servers – Individually the various country/region servers are losing a lot of their population, but the Global Servers allow players from all locations to come together and build a more lively community

Official Events – Every couple of weeks the developers launch new events that the community can take part in, both PVE and PVP events where they can earn gear, materials, items and various other rewards


Mission Grind – The PVE quests missions way too grindy, typically revolving around killing a set number of a particular enemy, then having to kill more of a different enemy; the biggest problem is that other than graphics and stats all the AI enemies act and play in the same way

Tedious Traveling – Players can travel from area map to area map through the map galaxy gates, unfortunately they’re at the very edge of the maps and it takes an insanely long time to reach them; combined with the constant back and forth with questing it can become extremely frustrating

Veteran PKers – For the new player who wants to explore this new galaxy and see a little more of the game, they will quickly find the harsh reality is that the moment you step foot in a PVP zone some high level veteran will kill you on sight with one shot

Pay To Win – The shop allows players to purchase all manner of upgrades, which over the years have grown more expensive making it a struggle to keep up; even casual spenders now struggle to keep up with the whales. Particularly when Bigpoint famously release the Zeus drone that could be purchased in-game….. for €1000 real money

Unchallenging Combat – The point and click combat might make the game easy to play for newcomers, but the problem is that it’s at the expense of providing any real tactical or skill based challenge, which becomes pretty boring


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