Good and Bad Things About Crossout

A free to play shooter, Crossout allows players to gather scrap parts to build various vehicles and battle with them across a post-apocalyptic landscape in team oriented PVP. A fun and highly customizable MMO let’s take a look to see the Good & Bad about Crossout and whether that scrap pile can make something awesome or whether it’s just a pile of junk...


Extensive Customization - With hundreds of components, frame parts, weapons, sprays and aesthetics players can make truly wonderful creations, from mini-gun wielding mini-vans to dune buggies with flame throwers

Post-Apocalyptic Theme – Set after some great virus outbreak the world is now a Mad Max style ruin, filled with toxic pools, arid deserts, abandoned buildings and everything else that make for an epic battleground to fight on

Intelligent Building Mechanics – Each frame/chassis piece has various points to connect components and weapons to, or simply more frames, allowing players to create bigger, better and more imaginative creations; the system is moderated by the number of parts, energy consumption and mass of a vehicle to keep them balanced

Various Game Modes – Whilst the core is a PVP team battle across multiple modes, players will also have to fight in Co-op PVE to gain specific rewards, escorting convoys or defending points from AI bosses

Targetable Components – In combat each component piece that has been put onto a vehicle can be blown off, destroying wheels, weapons, engines and more to leave vehicles vulnerable or ultimately destroying them


Grind Heavy Crafting/Content – In order to construct vehicles players must acquire components or the resources needed to craft them, gathering a decent library of parts to build some more interesting vehicles means a lot of grinding the same game content

Short Match Times – It can be pretty easy to destroy most vehicles once they get into combat, and so a lot of the time matches can be over for a player pretty quickly and relegating them to the spectator screen or garage to queue for the next map; more durability and longer matches would be more fun

Item Qualities – The various components are graded on their rarity (White/Common up to Orange/Legendary) which also determines how powerful they are; the result is that components are designed to be imbalanced and stronger than others making the game too much about the best items as opposed to the most skill

Blueprint/Garage Slots – Players can create and save only five vehicles as blueprints, from these they can only have two assembled in their garage at any one time, aside from being a low number of slots it’s also inconvenient to not be able to switch quickly to any of your vehicles between matches without having to build it each time

Repetitive Maps – Although the number of maps is quite decent (although they are split between PVE and PVP maps), because of the shorter match lengths you end up cycling through the same maps quickly and they can start to become repetitive

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