Good and Bad Things About Call of War

Set during the opening of WW2, in Call of War 1942 players take control of a country from our own world true to the time period, they are charged with creating a powerful nation, expanding their borders, making allies and enemies, and ultimately trying to conquer the world. The second browser war themed strategy from Bytro Labs is this the Great War, or just history repeating itself?


Plenty of Playable Countries – There are dozens of playable countries within the game situated in their real world location for the time (as well as some fictional countries for the “Pacific Conquest Scenario” which allows up to 50 players) and each nation requires its own individual strategy to achieve victory

The Newspaper – In the game there is a daily newspaper that reports on all the previous day’s events in the game such as who has declared war on who, who is trading with who, which cities have fallen and which nations have been conquered; players can even post their own written articles with accompanying images

Actual Diplomacy – To survive the game players will have to learn the art of diplomacy and negotiation, working with and alongside other players it is necessary to trade, create non-aggression pacts, and many social elements that go beyond simple game mechanics

Daily Progression System – In order to create a balanced game (as premium currency can rush building) certain units and buildings are only available at a set number of real world days from when the game begins, meaning players can’t simply rush towards the end-game units

Forging an Alliance – One of the greatest things about the game is working with other players, which in many ways is a necessity, as individuals vie for control of countries and resources, those who work together and look after each other can achieve a cooperative victory far easier


Slow Pace – Although it is structured to be so the game is extremely slow and not for everyone, actions take minutes, hours and even days to complete, meaning players can rarely sit in the game playing for hours long sessions and must constantly come back to the game periodically

Gold Spending – The game teeters on the edge of pay to win, with premium currency players can rush buildings and units, replenish resources, gather intel from spies and generally have too great an advantage over their neighbours (which has made gold spending extremely common in competitive play)

Limited Customization – Combined with the daily progression there just aren’t that many different units to train up and so the game lacks a real sense of individuality based on an armies composition as everyone is ultimately just churning out the same end-game units with no country-specific options

Unbalanced Countries – Some of the countries in the game are extremely difficult to play as, generally those surrounded by lots of rival countries that forces early wars, so the same countries are always picked up first by players leaving some unfavourable “difficult” countries left behind

Out-dated – The game just looks old and extremely basic, whilst it is a browser game it just lacks any of the glamour that modern titles typically have, even falling behind other strategy games from the same developer

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