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Free to play MMORTS


Web Browser


Bytro labs


In this in depth tactical free to play strategy players must run their country to victory during WW2, set in both North America and Europe each player will lead a nation, acquiring territory, amassing a powerful army and using trade, conquest, espionage and diplomacy with rival players. The game requires no client download and after an account registration can be played in your preferred internet browser.


  • World War 2 strategy

  • Run your very own nation

  • Recruit and lead a powerful army

  • Compete in PVP with other real world players

  • Use trade and diplomacy, or conquest and espionage

  • Acquire Victory Points and win

  • Completely free to play

  • Web Browser gameplay


The main premise of the game involved players gathering resource, building and upgrading buildings, producing a variety of units and trying to expand their territory across a realistic map of Europe and N.America, which has been broken up into a variety of provinces that make up specific real world countries. Set in WW2 the players control their own country, which they are assigned randomly when they first join the world, where they will own a number of provinces and from them gain numerous resources and bonuses in order to create a strong military force for defensive and offensive uses.

The game is broken up into a variety of individual worlds, each of which can accommodate enough players to each take control of one of the starting countries and begin a new Round, starting at Day 1. The aim of the game if to accumulate enough Victory Points to win the round and end the game, this is done by taking key territories that have Victory Points assigned to them; get enough and victory is yours.


A nation runs on resources, in particular in Call of War it needs Food, Money, Oil, Goods, Metal, Rare Metal and Manpower, they key resources required for constructing buildings, upgrading them, producing units and learning new Research. The resource a nation owns primarily come from their own controlled provinces, every province adds to the Manpower and Money resource pool, but the others can only be acquired by controlling key provinces that they appear in, making some territories extremely valuable.


As well as managing resources players must be mindful of managing their own time, whether this is spend researching new technologies, upgrading city buildings or training up military units, every action takes an amount of time to complete. Even units that move across the map can take days to reach their destination if it is far enough away, requiring forward planning of where your units might be if they need to suddenly return. As there are no default queuing options for Building, Producing or Researching it means players must be more hands on and involved in managing their nation, unless they have purchased the High Command premium upgrade, which gives a variety of perks to players.


New military units can be trained providing the city/province you wish to produce them in has the required buildings to do so and, as a nation, you have unlocked the necessary Research technology. There are a variety of different units broken down into 5 main categories; Infantry, Air, Navel and Armor, as well as a fifth “Super” section for unique units, and each unit type has its own Research tree that players can progress down to unlock new techs.


Espionage is an important aspect of the game and being diligent with your spies can keep you out of trouble, either using them to perform Counter Intelligence in your own provinces to hinder enemy spies, or conduct spy missions themselves in rival lands. Spies can gather a wealth of information, provide the location of a nations entire army, disrupt resource production and more, whilst it is always a good idea to spy on a rival target before making an attack it is worth keeping eyes peeled on those who haven’t yet been aggressive as they may already be plotting against you!


Internet Browser


Website: Call of War

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Call of War game

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13 Comentarios de Call of War

  1. Jamal Charles

    I give the game 4/10. The strategy and battles are OK when they actually happen, and the maps are pretty cool. But:

    1) The game is quite confusing to newbies, with questions going unanswered.

    2) The ‘admins’ and ‘moderators’ lord over the same message boards with insane rules. No swearing is a fine rule, but they ban perfectly acceptable words (such as reich, nazi and fuhrer – in a WW2 game!) Add to this other arbitrary rules such as ‘one capitalized word per post only,’ ‘no foreign language’ and ‘no negative tones’ and you’ll begin to understand my confusion trying to wrap my head around their forums.

    Sorry to nitpick on this but it’s fast becoming one of my F2P pet peeves. In just half an hour of watching the comms in disbelief I saw them ban seven people when only one did anything any reasonable person would deem ban-worthy: swearing. (One time. The word was ‘smartass.’) Other reasons I saw people banned: saying Hitler (again in a WW2 game, not defending Nazis or anything), posting jokes which the admins apparently didn’t realize were jokes, posting too many caps, and asking for help on the non-help board – SERIOUSLY? How small are these guys’ penises to act like this? The bans are only an hour long (apparently, I didn’t stick around the comms that long) but it seems pretty obvious Call of War has a particularly bad case of “I’m going to be an admin and demand people show me respect because in real life I get none!” which is common in all the worst F2P games.

    3) Cheating is RAMPANT. The same admins/moderators all play the game themselves (indeed they chat about that a lot more than, say, answering newbies questions – of which there were many on the help board), and use administrative functions to alter game play and standings, even wiping entire AI armies off the map. Two of them even admitted to doing this to ‘make the game more fun.’ Uh, fun for YOU maybe. Obviously not to the newbies who were complaining about it and who would have to actually pay real money to keep up with the admins.

    Bytro really needs to clamp down on this or they will face serious backlash from free and low-pay users.

    4) When you sign up it starts a game and just puts you in it – you have zero choice over what map you play on, or which nation you are. (I quickly abandoned the game and found out you can start a new one of your own, but this was not at all clear at first.)

    5) The game is SUPER slow. Like REALLY slow. For example, I was stuck in North America with only one neighbour. So I sent my armies to attack Spain. The travel time? 1 day and 17 hours. You read that right – ALMOST TWO DAYS. Just to MOVE. That’s an insanely slow pace. Then again I guess it gives the insecure admins plenty of time to troll the comms and ban anyone who dares to make eye contact 🙂

    So this game gets a 4 out of 10, and it’s a kind 4 at that.

    Sad, really. Like I said, the maps were really cool.

  2. i agree!

    with the other poster this game should be awesome and would be if it was not so slow and if they would actually show battles instead of just enemy armies parking next to each other until the loser disappears (eventually).
    also agree about the admins the boards are insane with rules that only get enforced against non-admins and non-admin-buttkissers. really pathetic.
    that sucked whatever fun out of the game there actually was. sorry i wasted so much time trying to play it in the first place.

  3. Jim

    Totally agree with the other posts… this is another game of admins run amok that cheat and are heavy handed in chat.

    On the other hand the game is pretty good but I gave it a 3 because of the leech play model. They have made gold pretty much a necessity to compete and you get it by either paying cash or submitting to spam offers (some are pretty nefarious). I guess I can understand that model of generating revenue but where it really gets carried away is “high command” which is even more money. You get like a week trial when you play the first game and when it expires they take away all sorts of basic game play features like construction queuing, fire control, chat, rally point etc. Like I said the game itself is pretty good for board game but hardly worth the money they are trying to squeeze out of people. When my current games are done I’m done with anything Bytro related.

  4. Catalin92

    This game is fully of buggs !!! Devs. dont solve them… and yes … its a game pay for win …

  5. JustSaying

    Beware of game admins…no fun playing when not even playing field.
    I found my units moving to places they should not be.

    3) Cheating is RAMPANT. The same admins/moderators all play the game themselves (indeed they chat about that a lot more than, say, answering newbies questions – of which there were many on the help board), and use administrative functions to alter game play and standings, even wiping entire AI armies off the map. Two of them even admitted to doing this to ‘make the game more fun.’ Uh, fun for YOU maybe. Obviously not to the newbies who were complaining about it and who would have to actually pay real money to keep up with the admins.

    Bytro really needs to clamp down on this or they will face serious backlash from free and low-pay users.

  6. Catalin92

    Admin`s sanctioned without explanation. This game will fall fault of incompetent administrators. Too bad, Bytro is a young company.

  7. Outger

    Don’t play this game unless you like the pay to win stuf.

  8. what the deuce

    Avoid this game and other games like it. It’s all about the money. So please don’t get sucked in. Get some fresh air and enjoy life you’ll be happy you did.

  9. Scam

    This game is bad. The admins literally cheat to win and try and take your money. Even if you “pay to win” they’ll just cheat and make you spend more.

  10. tstormchaser

    This game is so bogus it is a real joke. I was participating in a tournament they were holding. So, prizes and all, and then they started changing the rules as the tournament progressed because the Moderators “friends” were violating the rules and the rules said violators would be removed from the game. No removal suddenly, now just points lost. Then more rule changes and more….and this contest became such a joke I not only quit the contest, I quit the site, and I had been offered to be a moderator!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t sanction the cheating they are doing. Like the other posters have said, the moderators cheat like crazy to keep players from winning “gold” that can be used to purchase supplies, units, help with research and is used by moderators in mass to out build the average player. Then they offer to let you “BUY” gold at a discount rate as your opponent, a moderator, is pouring gold into his army!!!! Oh what a scam this site is. All designed to get you to pour over your credit card dollars into their pocket. Addictive and wasteful!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!! This site is so bogus and I do think they are actually violating laws with their “contests”. I will not touch that site ever again. Have nothing to do with Bytro, they are up to no good!!!!!!!

  11. Atlis

    The irony in this game is that its only a “strategy game” if you don’t pay.

    Its a definition of a pay2win type game.

  12. Jaco

    1 / 10.
    The game is fun, however, INTENSIVELY PAY TO WIN.
    The mods will BAN you at (( ANY )) complaint against gold using members, which is against their terms of service, who literally fight with their credit cards.
    This is a WRONG practice in gaming / and game industry. It is Pathetic, Wrong, Unfair, and encourages blatant cheating, against people who spend their time, effort, days on end building and slowly working their way to supposed victory.
    Screw this game, its moderators, and Bytro Company for this filthy system.

    When a player joins in, instantly spawns 100 Units that take weeks to build, That is considered BlATANT CHEATING, which the mods encourage. Therefore screw this filth.

  13. Jeremy Alexander

    I don’t get the comments here. Who cares what their forum rules are? Are you here to play the game or argue with other dips on yet another forum? If their forum rules suck, talk about the game somewhere else, but how can that possibly affect how much you like a game? Are you all that socially needy that you can’t enjoy a videogame if it doesn’t include some form of social interaction? I came here looking for reviews about the game and instead see people whining about something noooooobody with a brain would care about anyway. Pathetic.

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