Good and Bad Things About Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online is a free to play third person space shooter based on the popular TV show of the same name. Developed by Bigpoint the game allows players to play as part of the human Colonials or the alien Cylons in an endless battle for territory. With epic PVP and PVE focused content the game offers a lot, but not everything about the game shines as bright as a Cylons butt…


Battlestar Galactica Theme – BSG is an epic soap opera in space filled with battles, deception and exciting characters, all of which players get to meet and fight alongside in the game and become part of the storyline

D Graphics – For an original browser based title the games graphics are markedly impressive and very immersive

Strategic Combat - Offering full 3D 360 degree movement in space, battle can be epic dogfights between AI and players using fully customizable ships, making combat extremely tactical

The Mining System – A balance between personal mining using your ship, or laying down huge platforms for better production, the mining structure flag to enemies on the game’s system maps where they can come and attack them forcing players into defending until the mining is finished!

PVP Focus – The theme of the game is about the clash between Cylons and Humans, and so it should be combat focused, thankfully the developers have ensured that the main gameplay and end-game focuses on PVE story driven conflict and epic PVP battles


Too Sandboxy For New Players – When first starting out players quickly go for being guided through the game to being left to fend for themselves a little too quickly. With not enough initial guidance it feels like you are left to work out how to play the game, or spend time reading up website guides to find out what to do next

Cash Shop – The game is quite heavy handed when it comes to cash shop integration; players can purchase all manner of weapons and upgrades, some higher upgrades are even premium “Cubits” currency only, providing an obvious pay 2 win advantage

Cannot Trade – The game simply lacks the ability to trade between players, either direct trading or through any market/auction system, forcing players to be completely independent. It hinders the community aspect and further pushes players towards the cash shop if they want to stay competitive

Empty Space – No doubt in part due to the depleting player populous, there are a lot of areas in the game that are completely empty, particularly low level areas due a lack of fresh players signing up; creating a rather dull “community” experience

No Mac Client – The game was originally a browser title, but more recently has switched to a client only game; unfortunately the developers have only made a Windows client and so Mac players can’t play, regardless of any time or real money they have invested over the many years they might have played

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