Gamigo in a soccer frenzy

Signs of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 can be seen all over, and it has even managed to find its way into the virtual worlds of gamigo's online games. Players can support their team in-game with a number of special promotions that will be running.

Jerseys of European national teams can also be purchased in Fiesta Online. Players from each language version will earn double experience when their team (Germany, England, France) wins a game. And if you've always wanted to play soccer with a dragon, stop by the battlefields of Fiesta Online.

They hope it won't all go downhill for our team in South Africa, but it will in the snowboarding game SnowBound. Freshly painted boards displaying the national colors are just waiting to zoom down the mountain.

Check here all you need to know about Fiesta Online and Snowbound. And visit the official Fiesta website and the official Snowbound website.


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