[GamesCom] Troy time in Atlantica Online

Only the most courageous warriors will survive the reign of the treacherous Trojan Army, which has been unleashed upon Atlantis. Ndoors Interactive announced the addition of Troy, a nation obsessed with razing surrounding civilizations, to Atlantica Online. Troy utilizes Atlantica Online’s latest evolution in turn-based combat: The Tactical Battle System (TBS). Along with TBS, Atlantica Online introduces the My Home System, which allows players to customize their "home".

Troy, assisted by a sinister and mysterious force, is relentless in its quest for power and only by combining efforts will players be able to force these deadly warriors back into the darkness. Players take part in history as the Trojan War is relived in Atlantica Online.

We have talked with Benedikt Leurs at GamesCom, product manager, about Troy. He has showed us Troy, its new features, and we have some really impressive videos which we will publish the next week. Stay tuned.

The new TBS allows players to command up to eight mercenaries, recruited in their travels, along with their main characters. Each mercenary features unique traits and abilities, allowing complete customization of a team. Players can also take part in action-packed Trojan War battles of as many as nine players per side, with up to three characters under each player’s control, lending 27 warriors to the fray. Strategy and teamwork are more important than ever to destroy massive opposing armies.

“The new depth in strategy allowed by the TBS not only strengthens the overall gameplay mechanics, but also promotes a more dynamic player experience,” said Peter Kang, CEO, Ndoors. “The introduction of more colossal battles requires players to better calculate and coordinate their attacks while fighting. By encouraging a more active approach to combat, we are further ensuring that Atlantica Online delivers strategy-minded gamers an electrifying experience.”

The new My Home System offers players a place to keep their mercenaries to train, help them craft new items and rest after strenuous battles. Players can also customize their home with a variety of furniture, wallpaper and decorations.

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