– Gamescom 2013 – Exclusive presentation of World of Tanks Xbox 360 edition

During the Gamescom we were invited by Wargaming to a private presentation World of Tanks Xbox 360 version, which is now in open beta, and will feature American and German tanks at its launch; more countries will be added later on following the pc version.

All the mechanics and graphics are very similar to the PC version, with the logical exception of the interface which has been adjusted and cleaned to fit all television sizes, while maintaining the same functions, but with the difference that the XboX360 version won't have mods, which I personally find it even better than the PC version in that regard.

WoT xbox1 GM13 RW1 WoT xbox1 GM13 RW2

We have also realized that the sounds and visual effects were slightly different than those you can find in the PC version,which is ok because they provide the same feelings.

WoT xbox1 GM13 RW3 WoT xbox1 GM13 RW5

The gameplay is highly polished, movement and aiming system work as you would expect from a console FPS, being all very natural and intuitive.

WoT xbox1 GM13 RW6 WoT xbox1 GM13 RW7

world of tanks 360 head


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