How Free-to-Play is Rage War?

Rage War is a free to play cross platform strategy where players build their own city and armies and battle against each other. Advancing through various technological eras players can battle in an extensive PVE campaign or against other players for rewards.

The game is apparently free to play, but let’s see how much!

EN - Question 1

No. The game can be accessed through web browser or by downloading clients and mobile apps, all of which are free.



EN - Question 2

No. The game has no subscription options.



EN - Question 3

No. There are no DLC options for the game.



EN - Question 4

Yes – -5%. Players spend cash on various bundles of Gems, the games premium currency, with higher savings the more gems you buy. Some Special Offers also give a variety of free in-game items alongside their Gems purchase.



EN - Question 5

Yes – -15%. Players can spend Gems to rush productions, purchase missing resources, buy unit heals, science points to learn new technologies, purchase protection shields and more. This gives players the ability to advance much more quickly than other players as well as being able to field and keep healed their army for longer periods of time.



EN - Question 6

No. There are no customization options.



EN - Question 7

Yes. There are no class/race options.



EN - Question 8

No. Players can trade with each other without any premium restrictions.



EN - Question 9

Yes – -10%. Places such as the barracks have slots determining how many units a player can train for each building, players can increase the number of slots a barracks has with in-game currency, but one of the final slots does cost Gems to open. Whilst there are ways to expand your settlement territory to build extra buildings, the upgrades are finite, but players can purchase land expansions with Gems.



EN - Question 10

Yes. All areas are free to access.



EN - Question 11

No. All gameplay elements at late game can be enjoyed for free.



EN - Question 12

Yes – +10%. Whilst strategy is the defining factor for success in the game, at the upper levels between players on an equal strategy understanding, then Gems reign supreme. The ability to be able to purchase practically every element of the game, have more units than free accounts, means that the balance at the top is skewed heavily towards paying players. The PVP is fun, and the PVE campaign is quite challenge and enjoyable, so there’s still content there to be enjoyed for free.


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