First Look at the Gameplay in DarkOrbit Reloaded with Commentary

DarkOrbit Reloaded - First Look - EN

We had a first glimpse at DarkOrbit Reloaded, Bigpoint’s overhauled free-to-play space MMO shooter which lately received a considerable facelift based on the community feedback to increase its accessibility for new players and get rid of a few less than welcomed aspects. That’s what the new version actually is all about; the developers are taking into account the community’s opinion and adding in new and enhanced ways to balance the game while doing away with unpopular features.

Have a look at our video in which we lay eyes on the overhaul for the first time. However, this can’t be much of a comparison as our selected author has never had the chance to play the original version... Yet, as it is our very first step into this game, we are at least able to evaluate if promises to make it easier to access for us are kept!

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