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Free to play Space Strategy MMO


Web Browser




DarkOrbit Reloaded is the new revamped version of the original Dark Orbit MMO where players join powerful Companies to fight for resources and control of territory in a remote part of space. This MMO is free to play and allows for in depth PVE, PVP and player crafting all with the accessibility of being a browser based title.


  • Revamped graphics with new 3D engine

  • Eleven ships to acquire

  • Battle with enemy players and alien AI

  • Gather resources to trade, sell and craft with

  • Create item and ship upgrades

  • Numerous PVP Modes

  • Completely free to play

  • Web Browser MMO


At its core Dark Orbit Reloaded focuses on players taking a variety of missions from their faction/Company and battling against the numerous challenges the game has to offer with both roaming PVE enemies to world bosses, events and engaging in PVP with other players. In the game players are able to improve themselves by acquiring Credits, XP and a variety of resource ores that will allow them to access the different spacecraft; each one unique to a different style of play and customizable with different engines, shields and of course weapons!


Dark Orbit Reloaded’s new revamp brings to major changes to the game; firstly an overall improved performance for players with both load times and reliability, the core of the games technical workings have been updated to give players a more enjoyable experience. Secondly is the new graphical upgrade, with models now taking on a 3D form the level of depth to the world creates a much more immersive experience whilst still retaining the traditional gameplay elements that make the game so successful. For those players who may be on lower end gaming rigs the game can still be played in the original 2D mode if their system struggles with the update.


With eleven unique ships to earn, that players can unlock with Credits or the premium Uridium currency (which can be earned in game through playing or bought with real money) there is already a wide scope of versatility between the different vessels based off their different speeds, firepower, defense rating, utility and more.

Once a player has a ship they are then able to customize it in a variety of ways with items that they create through the Skylab, a physical location in the game or one that can be access through the games website portal. Here players refine ore resources that they have gathered to create items, or explore the Tech Center to craft powerful Tech Items or drone companions.

Aside from the upgrades to ships and items players are also able to upgrade their pilot and explore a skill tree to give themselves various perks and boosts depending on their choices. Skills are upgraded with Pilot Points, 50 in total that can be acquired, that are earned by collecting disk-logs from various challenging content in the game and converted into a Pilot Point; the cost of a Pilot Point increases the more a player has already unlocked.


There are numerous PVE modes that players can explore in the game including the HITAC event where a giant ships belonging to a mysterious alien race , a mother ship that spawns various minions, the mothership only being attackable when the minions are destroyed; this world boss event is open to all players and Companies’ will work together to defeat it. There is also the Infiltration event where cloaked alien commandos spawn around the galaxy in various maps, players must find and destroy this hidden foe for great rewards.

PVE isn’t the only feature in the game and there are numerous PVP modes available such as Scoremageddon where every player in the game is given 5 lives when the event activates and can try to kill each other to earn points for killing those players with lives. By killing players will lives in succession you increase your combo gauge which in turn gives the player more points; the last remaining 50 players on the server with lives are given prizes and the player with the highest score the greatest rewards of all.


Internet Browser


Website: DarkOrbit Reloaded

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DarkOrbit Reloaded game

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86 Comentarios de DarkOrbit Reloaded

  1. Stephen

    DO NOT PLAY DARK ORBIT, on christmas Day 2009, it got hacked and loads of players lost their accounts and their credit cards is at risk.

    The customer service department is awful (typical of the german company) apparently one of their staff hacked into the system and stolen the accounts and some of them are now for sale on EBAY.

    You have been warned do not play Dark Orbit

  2. Vlado_BA_SK

    My experience with DO (by German BigPoint) is very bad.

    For somebody (especially children) it could be habit-forming. Ambiguous or faulty rules (you’ll find it sooner or later when playing). Arrogant administrators (especially CZ/SK). Often swearwords and abuse in (CZ/SK) chat used. Instability/errors in GUI.

    Administrator can ban you from the chat or user forum for more days without any warning or noticing (chuckling admins call it “silent murder”) just because of two letters in name (in my case BA as Bratislava) or for copying one Wikipedia page at user forum (30days ban) when arguing about that so called “BIG” should be added to The Rules, so users can recognize, it’s a “crucial personal information”, they cannot mention in chat (or 7days ban).

    Administrators (CZ/SK) use swear words in replies to users i.e. “an*l alpinism” or “as*-crawler”, etc. If user asks to get any explanation of The Rules, admins often ignore him or block him on user’s forum.

    In chat (even in “prime-time” 8:00-11:00 PM) is often a rude language, abuse and insulting seen. Children can join this “trash talk” without any problems.

    Ambiguous or faulty rules, there’s more different version of the (SK-local) rules, one linked from main windown another from user’s forum. There’s no list of penalties mentioned in the rules, so it’s a pure administrators’ “free-style”. I’ve got no answer from the forum nor from support, which version of the rules is correct one.

    In conclusion: if you’re calm, asking for nothing, complaining for nothing, just paying for Uridium, everything might be fine (except GUI instability and a chat trash talk). But if you are at the top with ship equipment (no much further fees expected?) or mention any technical problems with your ship control in chat (cost me 500 uri and 2days ban), troubles will begin (jeer, ban, blocking, ignoring…). My advice is, be very careful, if you consider to start with Dark Orbit!

  3. jane doe

    This is a kick ass game do not listen to these fools

  4. jason bourne

    I have already used over 19000 dollars on the game. I lost my wife over it. she left me after I racked up such a huge bill on my card. I chose this game over her. all of my family hates me. I am not able to walk after so many hours of playing this game. and my eyesight is almost gone after days of nonstop playing. my heart is overrun with my huge fat body from eating and playing. I wiegh 562 pounds more than when I started playing. I was fired from my job for playing the game while in job. my house is about to be taken by the bank. I cannot pay the bills because of using so much money a day on this game. so I resort to selling my personal belongings. this is all I have left in this world. if it gets shut down from lack of players I will surely go play another game. from bigpoint because I have so much money already invested in them. I play on the usa east server. my name on the server is evil titan. if you see me remember to run because I will destroy you. I can even kick ur butt in real life. so don’t mess with me. the doctors say I have to stop but as all you hardcore gamers know. nobody can make me stop playing with bigpoint. also can somebody send me cash to pay my house. the bill is for 12000 dollars.

  5. Robert Patterson

    I have used only 2000 on the game in a year of playing. My son is very addicted to this game and uses all the money I give him on it, he has been playing since the game started. Anyway don’t start playing darkorbit unless you can use at least 50 a month on this game. If I take it away from my son for one day, he geos on a rampage destroying everything in his path, throwing books hitting the tv breaking 2 liter bottles and milk cartons just to get the floor soggy. He has a girlfriend on this game who came to visit him, here is the catch though, she was 20 and he is only 13. You can imagine my suprize when I see a twenty year old woman at my door, asking me if I am my sons game username. She looked like she came to have sex and go. My son saw her and immediately hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then I called the cops, my son deosnt play anymore, he threw his computer out the window because I told him to stop playing, and it worked out well for me because I am not going to buy him another one. Anyway this was my experience with this awful game. Make sure if you and your kids start playing that you watch them carefully. Thank you for reading this and remember if you begin to see signs that your son or daughter is getting addicted to this game, remove it immediately and without remorse. Don’t let them get to addicted unless you want them to be playing untill college. You have been warned, DO NOT PLAY DARKORBIT!




    why would u spend 2000 thats a rip off ive only spent 20 dollars on it.

  8. Frank Halverson

    Well if you have used 20 dollars on it I guess u have either just started…. u will never have a ship worth playing for 20 dollars. The minimum cost of a full elite is 125.00 dollar’s without premium… add 60 for a year of premium. Basically if you use 20 on this game and go you will never have a true game experience and will have wasted less money but have no game whatsoever. Btw I have only used 450 dollars on this game. I have an FE pilot biod up Enforcer… Have been playing for 3 years. I play this game for the people that I meet on teamspeak and the intense battles 40 vs 40… If you eant a cheaper game style get a game called jumpgate evolution… cost 50 bucks a year but includes full game. Pirategalaxy.com is also a great game… pirategalaxy is much easier to play for free and deosnt force you to buy anything like Darkorbit.

  9. Fifth Elephant

    In terms of a hit or miss, a complete miss.

    Why? New users don’t get to go head to head with other new users – their opponents are high powered multi-weaponed virgins who get their kicks blowing up relatively defenceless newcomers.

    The DO model is “your ship and weapons are shit unless you give us lots of money”
    Sadly, the censor the chat and even accidently using caps will get you a ban from their oh-so-sensitive and hypocritical chat monitors. (I’ve seen chat monitors attack people and use exactly the same phrases they ban others for)

    Avoid if you have half a brain because you’ll be bored within minutes.

    Typically of the company, their “support” is useless unless you’re having problems giving them money – only help you’ll ever get is with payment problems.

    Clueless coders also that alpha (yes – ALPHA) test code on the live systems.

  10. Santa Claus

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry oh whatever… This is Santa saying, I killed rudolph and i ate an elf, i snuck into your house and took you watch, I am accually a guy from outspace that loves to eat children and steal your watches then make them appear in your ass. – peace out mofo’s

  11. lawver

    game is not free you can reach a certain lvl but after that you have to spend money to be succesfull . verry verry adictive game .
    also game admins and chatmoderators using their power of their piositions for taking advantage in the game . also alot cheats botts in the game that make the game absolut laggy and non playable .
    review if you plan to spend 400 bucks or more a month on a game that is laggy and not fair start playing dark orbit !!
    for all others STAY AWAY

  12. Randovan

    Pirate galaxy is a game that unline darkorbit, is free, none of that bs free to play, this is as free as they come, pirate galaxy, it is 3D and none of the wimpy almost 3D of darkorbit, full 3D, you fly through tunnels of asteroids in space, fight for survival with your friends, you have no enemy players so you won’t be constantly scared of getting shot down, and you can actually rely on the staff, I sent a ticket to support and got one of their moderators to actually talk to me in under ten minutes, he fixed my problem, then moved on to the next, there are also no cheats on pirate galaxy, unlike DO wich has thirty eigth cheats, pirate galaxy has none, I was a moderator on darkorbit, I would do nothing but sit around and I apologize for it, but let me say that pirategalaxy is wayy better.

  13. The Easter Monkey that awesomely hates darkorbit and eats shiat and throws it and junk say that things and shiat again allways because it is giant name………………. I AM THE EASTER MONKEY

    Pirate galaxy, f u randovan, LOU1 sucks, GUN for the win! Omg I ate a shiat

  14. The easter monkey

    I did a shiat and hid it in your lemonade santa.. F u randovan, my name on the game is durhamrockerZ, youtube poop thomas, youtube poop durhamrockerZ, ooh btw I did shiat and ate it, I’m going to halo, I’m bored as shiat, hello red dog, omg hey look do sucks.. I am not rabbit you mofos

  15. Ruldoph

    Santa.. You cheap bastard, your punk hitmen couldn’t kill me… I’m comin for you… Ur gonna regret eatin me and prancers child.. Oh btw DO sucks I can’t play it because I have hoofes.. F*** you santa… F*** you…

  16. Somebody who played DarkOrbit

    Well my experience with Dark Orbit was a good and bad one, i started playing in 2006, the game used to be very cheap, i could buy alot with only ten dollars, people played the game for fun, and the thrill of the hunt. They began adding things like, New ammo, and even a new orange ship design, and the game felt unchanged really. Then as usual people started getting a little to serius and the first big wars of the game began. Then with another unnecessary upgrade to the game, came something called gates, who could use the most on currency to get the most gates, that is who will rule.. the game became a complete money game, updates that u needed if not the game was unplayable, skylab, pilot bio, the game used to cost an average 150 for a nicely equipped full elite, now the game is well over the 400 mark for nothing more then an empty gameplay with bad graphics, the game is, pick a company then fight the other ones indefinitely, making your own story along the way causing drama and fighting people over relationships and other things that appear in this game, i recently left because i got tired of the mess, i left in 2010. My rating, this game gets a 3.5, it is basically unplayable and completely boring.

  17. Annoymous

    This game is very addictive, im 16 and all the money that i get from my parents usually goes into this game. I play this when ever i get the chance.So far i put about $200 into this game and i only have been playing for about 6 months. If u want to be really good and strong at this game u will need to spend some cash on it, maybe about $40 a month. If u play,btw i play on USA east server

  18. ^Dark~King^

    Okay i think you people are overeacting yo the addictivness of this game, im 14 years old and im about to turn 15. This game is kind of addicting but it is not to where like i go on a rampage if I dont get to play it. I haven’t a single dollar on this game but it is still loads of fun to me 😀 some of you who dont have a life maybe do get carried away and ignore the rest of your life because of this game but it is not that bad. I enjoy playing this game and i think that you should give it a try. It is probably better if you spend money on this game or work on it for a long time. If you do decide to play then choose EIC as your company to get started or else you will get popped very frequently and will not be able to level up. After you become higher level and more stronger then go ahead and change companies if you wish., i am ^Dark~King^ and i play on US east 1 and if you want to hunt with me sometime then just let me know. 😀

  19. erik

    Hi, i am like 13, and this game is my damn life. I met my girlfriend on this game and we are inlove, and she came over to my house so we could hunt aliens togeether and my dad like freaked out cus he sucks! hes mad cus my ship is better! and then he told my girlfreidn to leave because shes older and hes such a noob, I want to play this game unitll i die!!!

  20. Somebody

    Hi im 13 and well i started playing DO in february.The game is kinda addictive,but im not like that guy who spend 15000$ on this game.I meet i lot of new friends in this game and there are a lot of them that come form my city.So in conclusion DO is not BAD.
    If enebody ever wants to hunt with me just go on GE5 server and look for $[APOCALIPSEE]$


  21. deathkiller

    the people saying this game was hacked are lying, this game was never hacked, and your credit cards are probably safer with them than any other company. They are just butthurt cuz they suck at the game.

  22. Josh

    Hi Erik you noob your dads write you should stop taking dugs ps your a spaz Im globle Europe – you

  23. Josh

    Haha your loser you live for bigpoi t what I life you have. Erik

  24. Josh

    Hay I start in 2011 march I spent 90dolllars on the Game im vengens 8 drones Level 15 and i Hunt goliath ps if eneay won wants to do 1vs1 with me im globke Europe 1 ps mmo is. best Company there

  25. jjpopovich1994

    Ok so DO is an awesome game. I started playing a few months ago. I reached lvl7 in no time. I’m now almost lvl. 9. All you spammers and hatred just need to stop freaking. If u don’t like it, don’t play!!! As for you addicts, you should stop and prioritize your life. DO is a great game, no need to dramatize it or to go overviews either. As for those pre- teens meeting older girls, your dads did the right thing. Respect them for that. Hey I’m a teen too, I’m 17 and I’m saying your dads are right. Don’t make issues about DO it’s a cool ge to play. So stop and think for a moment, then prioritize, then go blow up MMO!!! That’s right I’m EIC!!! I’m strong for a lvl 9 and I did it by handwork. I haven’t spent a penny in the game and I have 35000 shields with 2 lf3s 2 lf2s and 1 mp1. I have 1 flax drone in a piranha as well as 2nd best repair bot and small rocket launcher. And 18000+ ammo and 450+ rockets. Hard work and safety people. So chill.

  26. atomicwater

    yknow know why dont you guys just play eve online i mean it makes this game look like crap with better graphis an ever expanding universe with more ships weapons ammo shelids quests ranks huge glatic war on a massave scale warp drives better mining no scams legit fastpased combat i mean for 10.95 a month i mean shure a little bit pricy but you get what you pay fore i mean its not like spending over 2000 in a year for this game in uri and still get beat down where in eve you get FULL benifits for everything!!!! and only 10.95 bucks a month witch for a year its 131.40 in all isnt all that bad i mean shure darkorbit is FREE =O but to get any where you need to buy like 100-2000 dollars to not get your selve blowed up by golis!!!! =( so this iswhat im gonna do bu my selve a new comp cus this one sucks -~- and buy my selve a hi end gaming comp or build one my selve and buy eve and then escspe from this LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no offence

  27. atomicwater

    yknow know why dont you guys just play eve online i mean it makes this game look like crap with better graphis an ever expanding universe with more ships weapons ammo shelids quests ranks huge glatic war on a massave scale warp drives better mining no scams legit fastpased combat i mean for 10.95 a month i mean shure a little bit pricy but you get what you pay fore i mean its not like spending over 20000 in a year for this game in uri and still get beat down where in eve you get FULL benifits for everything!!!! and only 10.95 bucks a month witch for a year its 131.40 in all isnt all that bad i mean shure darkorbit is FREE =O but to get any where you need to buy like 100-2000 dollars to not get your selve blowed up by golis!!!! =( so this iswhat im gonna do bu my selve a new comp cus this one sucks -~- and buy my selve a hi end gaming comp or build one my selve and buy eve and then escspe from this LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no offence

  28. Stenny Gedlish

    This is every negative statement already mentioned and much much worse. The game chat is monitored by illiterate, arrogant power seekers. The game structure is designed in a way, that you must spend to compete. Free browser game my ass!! The coding of the game belongs in the 80’s with games like dizzy and pacman. The amount of investment in server improvements and better coding is minimal. Although it does/did seem to be a fun game in the beginning, familiarity breeds contempt, so it’s not long before you are being openly insulted in chat, these insults are not only tolerated by moderators, but the moderators themselves are guilty of “flaming” players, and then of course they ban said players for any sort of retort. The support team consists of automated answers, eg 50 players could send in 50 different complaints, all receive the same answer. To actually play this game and gain all mod cons required would take a lifetime of gameplay, and to be honest, the game just isn’t worth it. It’s not a free browser game! It’s not a fair play game! This game is nothing more than cyber trash and you should never play it or recommend it to anyone else. If you want to go spending money on a game? go play final fantasy, the service, support and gameplay makes dark orbit look like it’s run by single cell organisms 😀 But! if you don’t mind being”EXPLOITED” and robbed by a substandard game, run by lobotomised chimps, well this is the game for you 🙂

  29. LOL

    Most popular browser game? Ha! It’s a dying game now ever since it got greedy and its administrators got either sloppy or too edgy. I predict it’ll die in two or three years.

  30. jjpopovich1994

    I’m trading a full elite Goliath with 8 iris and multiple servers started.
    I’m looking for a half elite bigboy, nostromo, or vengeance. Designs are not required.
    If your interested email me at jjpopovich@hotmail.com

  31. Edward

    Honestly im addicted to it but I have a life unlike some of u ppl whoblame bigpoint and their games for ur mistakes. Also there is no way to spend that much maybe $600 at the most. I am not a mod nor admin just a regular player. And to all these false experiances are mostly cause they suck at the game. I look forward to working with bigpoint for they have been very loyal.in fact I had a flip top virgin mobile when I first started now I have a lg optimus s android smartphone 2.3froyo. I am 15 and purcjased it with my money also purchasing my parents both htcs with my money a home wifi system and got my self dead space for the 360 this year. So if u feel the need to purchase uri that bad… U need help.
    sincerely edward
    US EAST 1
    LEADER OF CLAN eHm if u want to find me good luck ill either help u or pop u

  32. Edward

    O and lol I forgot to mention game didnt make m e money I just use it for fun just like runescape and star legends. Dont forget while playing do not attempt to recreat this scenario: OMG! I got popped! Nooooooooooo! As this may cause anger , I laugh when I pop cause if its someone I just send my clan after them, or if I deserve it I leave it alone. Wish me luck as a script writer for bp!

    I typed this on my android
    cause it run flash too:)

  33. demonride

    I have something to say! i played this game ever since 2009 and it ruled! but then the made the new client and we where like ok its cool we could live thru it. THEN! they made all the ships had new ship designs and then they had Pilot bio and now you have to spend like $3000 on it so you can be full elite bio goliath and that sux. i use to had a half fe account named demonride level 13 and ranked in 2000 place and IT GOT HACKED i spend $300 on it now i have an account named how-to-kiss-ur-GF on global europe 4 server im a clan leader (CTT) CANT TOUCH THIS if you want to hunt with me u can im EIC in 2 weeks my mom is putting $1000 on it and i can help u guys out 😀

  34. Nedkata

    I sell my account in dark orbit. Europe Grobal 3 and 6 – 2 full elite ships. Negotiable skype: cash_money_91

  35. Truthsayer

    Dear readers,

    I have played DO for longer than 2 years, with a 1 year pause, Started april 2009. It is true that the game can be lots of fun, because of the interaction between players.

    It is also true that playing this game includes LOTS of serious drawbacks. Every review site that covers DO, tells u about rude CM’s wihout a conscience, Constant GUI problems (Lagg) and especially, BAD SERVICE. It is typically Western European fashion nowadays to be proud of being a bully without manners, when going commercial. I play on Global Europe 2 and live in Holland. It is also typical that the game get’s flooded with people, young and old, with attitude and/or aggression-problems, some of them even become Chat moderators.

    When I tried to get professional help over a service-issue in Holland (where money is God) , I got told if I choose to play this game it was my own responsibility, that this company is designed to rob people as blind as possible. I bet that Bigpoint’s highest paid employee is a lawyer… . In other words u don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell when u want to get your rights/service.

    Yesterday the server (Global Europe2) crashed again. It mostly happens after extensive advertising for some festival to come, so players spend a lot of money, which the game costs (about 400 euro’s to become FE). But the only backups that are made are weekly ones. So they placed the week-old backup and posted that they were sorry on some forum (amazing). Consequently Support doesn’t say anything about WHEN they will refund the payments. So now I am waiting and it could take weeks. 100 euro’s invested last week are gone, my gate is gone and I am 1 level lower than last week, not to mention all the effort I did.

    This has gone way to far, I would seriously recommend people (unless they’re masochists) NOT to ever start with this game… .
    There is NOBODY on the staff at Bigpoint that actually cares about your gaming fun, NOT ONE.

    Kind Regards!!

  36. john

    fools spend money on this game, i have seen many happy players that are now full-elites and didnt spend a penny, you just got to know the tips and tricks

  37. daydreamerr GreatBritain

    guys use prepaid phones only no way could hack you and I do know some are addicted kinda sad I pay only because grew to really like some people

  38. Voice Of Reason

    Honestly, i agree with alot of the people posting after the un-prioritized embreds, that attempt to “RAGE” about there bad times on this game, DO, in general is a fun game. And there are not “corrupt” mods, and chat admins. Its just that you did something stupid, and got punished for it. The fact that you idiots are on this post, “RAGE”ING, about this game in ridiculous. Asking for money? Terrible. Have what little dignity you’ve still got, get off your ass, and go get a job. Fix your lives, and get it back on track. What a waste of what gods givin you. (Last statement not meaning to offend any of those who bare a diff. religion, or don’t believe in god.)

  39. Voice Of Reason

    HOWEVER, i have witnessed rude moderators that abuse there powers, but i dont feel that they are coruppt, just abuseing the power they’ve been givin.

  40. Cptkiller2010

    I don’t see whats so bad about it, its fun, kind of addicting but its an easy game im a level 10 almost 11 goli with all lf2s and lf3s with 4 flax and 4 iris drones and a P.E.T and i’ve only spent about 80 dollars on it BTW my name is Cptkiller2010 im on EIC and im on global america 1 add me and we can hunt and level up

  41. Harvester[ZETA]

    great game but costly.. and the community is great exept for the cms. and admins, but what can i say thier doing their job lool

  42. Harvesterofshadows

    and ps, if your are addicted to this game get the hell a life i mean, i was addicted to this but then my other ship got hacked and banned i realzed how worthless this game is/was/will continue to be.


    Dark Orbit OR Dark Con? – I’ve been playing Dark Orbit for the past 9 months. My game play ethos has always been not to spend any real currency in order to become fully elite. Today I became fully elite but within 30 minutes of achieving this Dark Orbit introduced me with a 30 day instant ban for no reason, I asked for detail relating to the suspension and an that request resulted in an additonal 60 day ban, furthermore there are threats to ban for life should I seek additonal information. In summary, Dark Orbit is all one big rip off. The game is designed to suck in players so the spend their hard earned cash, but if you manage to fight the urge and show your true grit without using real currency to upgrade and become fully elite they ultimately don’t making anything from you, but rather than be honest and upfront they introduce bans which are completely unjustified. Their adminsitrators and customer service staff are as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike. Ultimately you judge for yourself, but I’ll be keeping clear of Dark Orbit and Big Point.

  44. RAGE

    well… all i have to say is this if u love to play darkorbit ALL the time this is the game for u i have been playing for 1 1/2 years and spent about 300+$ im half fe but for noobs just know this if u have the money buy a Ultimate game card only 20$ and its better then credit to me… any way darkorbit will ALWAYS be my favorite bigpoint game… Peace out.

    P.S im on USA3 server name RaGeInG~Pain.. if u need anything just msg me be glade to help a EIC member 😛

  45. gabriel


  46. seaheroe

    this game is f*cking expensive, i used to love this game until the updates came, for the same amount of money youre going to pay youre better of with a ps3/xbox360/gaming pc than this sh*t

  47. Bill Wang

    DO have a big community but most of them are funded. DO is a piece of sh*t who wants your money and your life. I’ve quit DO months ago after discovering you can’t earn urdium. You HAVE to buy them. If you try to earn them it would take you your entire life to earn just 100,000 uridium. (Most elite ships are equal or more than that, only one sucky ship is 50,000 uridium)Because killing one good enemy only earns about 8 uridium. Play Pirate Galaxy!!

  48. College Student

    Don’t know why people keep posting your age. This game is a dead game. I used to enjoy it ,but the emphasis on making purchases ruined the experience. SAVE YOUR MONEY. If you have a son who enjoys this game smack the living daylights out of him for not having money sense. Buy him a car and teach him how to fix it and such. At least that’s a few thousand dollars that you can get back! Or have him get a job. Or save money for college but don’t get an arts degree!

  49. A fuckin Seahorse

    I love to Fuck i am a fuckin sea horse… Dark Orbit, i got good FUCK from that game but now i play STAR TREK ONLINE, and i FUCK all DAY!

  50. Wiley_


  51. Norm L

    Have’nt heard anyone mention all the cheating that goes on with DarkOrbit. The game is infested with players that use “NPC Bots” and “Uridium Bots” and players that have hacked the scripts and use ships with boosted damage or shield hacks. Steer clear of this game. DarkOrbit admin does nothing about the people that use hacks in the game. Some players have been cheating for years and unless you also cheat or spend mega money your gonna get nowhere in-game, that’s just a fact!! I playerd DarkOrbit from 2009 until 2012 and finally quit because the cheating and hacking has just gotten out of control.

  52. A random dude from PR

    Darkorbit pros: Intense PVP never know when you live or die. Mild strategy based combat.
    Darkorbit Cons: It costs 600$ to become an elite that can survive in the game. NO story, bland content bowl maps that just have a picture in the back of something spacey, a hack for everything you can think of, nothing new that deosnt cost money, and if it deosnt cost money then it sucks for everything and there is something better than that for $. Extremely Horrible customer service, no regard for refunds on transactions that didnt work, they blame it on your live streaming music or your ts when you have an internet thats extremely fast and that you pay over 100$ a month for (personal) What can you think of good about Do if anything call me up lol

    If you want to find fun games go to PerfectWorld… Or WoW
    Here are some of my suggesttions…

    Dark orbit has bots that let you target people faster than everybody else, lag out people, a rocket that makes the map leave, a bot that makes it so that your rockets are sepromed and lazers to when they actually arent, people i suggest star trek online, or pirate galaxy, pirate galaxy is an endless grind, u grind for ships so u can grind summore, but it makes up for it bieng free and fun for all ages, a strange and engaging story, great graphics, nice strategy based pvp! STO well, has alot of updates and updates, after level 50 if your not into pvp or socializing or becoming a part of the Klingon Federation, then it might run out of things to do, but the good is the Graphics… free roaming spaceship maps! intense strategy based combat… they are adding so many new free things to get players either to make new friends or enemies, solo or together its fun. The fun isnt in the leveling at least for me, there is alot of pvp and badasses sure lol what i love about it is that you can get out of your ship, party , fight, kill, eat, drink, sleep, and have some killer times.. If you are looking for a PVP game then go to PG, if your looking for a Social and PVP game go to STO… just dont plaay darkorbit.

  53. Jon

    I just started playing DO the other night. The game doesn’t actually go out of its way to help new players ie tutorials. So I’m stuck wondering how I am supposed to fire my weapons. Honest enough noob question (how do I play this game?) So I think what is the worst that can happen if I get on the chat and ask some players for help. So after asking how I fire my weapons, I am treated like I am garbage. I am told, “just target the enemy and press “1”. So I’m getting ready to ask how to target an enemy and a mod boots me from the game. US east coast server. That’s what this game is. As a question and instead of offering help a mod boots you. btw is name was Alchemy or something like that. If you are booted you can still see the chat for some reason. Yeah I saw him bragging about it. And another thing is, since when are mods allowed to play the game? They do in DO so it’s totally biased. This game is crap. Just the little time I played it I see that the game is like every single game I’ve ever played made by a German company. You can lose for free or you can pay for a chance to win but still probably lose unless you dump more money into the game than your opponent.

  54. Connor

    ivebeen playing this game since 2008 and i’ve on sent 5 gamer cards i recieved as gifts(so i haven’t lost anything) but its a good game to play if uve been playing with the overpowered and company killers its near impossible to start a user.i play the usa east coast 1.

  55. Jim Jack

    I have played Dark Orbit for about 2 years now. In the game today, many players are completely over-powered. It is now almost completely for new players to join this game without having to spend a lot of money. There are many players that can insta-pop (destroy another player in one second or less) everyone else. Although Dark Orbit has put in come changes to reduce the amount of damage that can be done, there are still people that buy programs (bots) and cheat in the game. There are a lot of things you have to do in order to play the game, and most of it is poorly explained. Although there have been some changes to try to help the new player, the game is more in favor of those who pay a lot of money.
    As for game play, there is not much to do, there is not much you can do. You simply click where you want to go, click on enemies, and click or use hot keys (Your keyboard) to attack. If you happen ti gt caught by an enemy player, it is very difficult to escape them. For players that so not spend money on Dark Orbit, it is a constant struggle to advance; one that is more often than not, lost. Over all, Dark Orbit has become less and less fun to play.

  56. ÐædSpace†™

    I have played this game for 5 years. For the most part its a good game, the lag at times is terrible especially in the pirate maps. Support is lousy and cheats botters ruin the play. Don’t think about submitting a report on them even if you have video or screen shots of them, support will do nothing about it since the same cheats and botters are those who spend the most, go figure. Over the last couple years wallet warriors have invaded the game and immediately buy the best ships, weapons and armor the overpowering the long time players and new users are overpowered. I would recommend Uridium Wars on Facebook over Dark Orbit.

  57. lovestochill

    This game is still fun for a free player, but it has changed alot ever since bigpoint got money hungry and now people cheat in this game just to get better… so if you want to play a game I suggest you avoid DO completely(Unless you just want to have fun).

  58. Meh.

    I’ve been playing for a while, and I don’t know about you, but I’m personally unwilling to actually spend money on this. It’s quite irritating to have ads shoved in my face constantly when I play. Everything decent costs quite a bit.

    It was kind of fun at first, but as a pretty low level player, it’s not fun since I ventured outside of x-1. There’s no sense of common courtesy, and everyone just kills the most defenseless people. In one day, I’ve been killed about 7 times by people with huge, beefed-up ships. It’s not like I have a ship that remotely looks like I can do anything about it; I have a very basic one with few defenses.

    And funnily enough, I got banned for saying “holy crap, I’ve been killed by like 7 players today x__x.” They said that, uh, I wasn’t speaking English. Ironic considering all the unintelligible chat speak right above my post.

    In short: the company is money-mongering and ridiculous in its policies. The players are, in general, rude with no scruples.

    Don’t bother, it’s quite pointless, just one of those dumb addicting things that you play without being quite sure why you’re doing it.

  59. Barny Rubble

    AVOID DARK ORBIT LIKE A PLAGUE. This once brilliant game is now total chaos that is rampant with cheats, full of technical problems like only half screen resolution which makes the playing area tiny – they havent been able to fix this in over a month.
    It is extremely expensive to play and they are constantly bringing out new ways to take your money. They have now stooped so low as to place advertising links in the playing area.Customer service and support sucks and they always blame your equipment for the glitches when it is obviously a fault on the game.
    Thinking of playing Darkorbit – DONT

  60. Barney Rubble

    I would just like to add to my previous post – The cheats – people can buy cheat programs from other companies that can do just about anything in the game while you sleep – from collecting goody boxes to doing Galaxy gates for you.
    These cheat programs automatically build you powerful ships and make it so that you can get all the best equipment.
    Very little is being done to stop these cheats and rumours are going round that Bigpoint – (Darkorbits owners)have a financial interest in the bot programs and that is why they are not doing anything about them – I dont know if this is true – but it would certainly explain why so many cheats are allowed to remain on the game.

    To some up, if you are a new player who wants to play the free option – forget it – these supercheats are taking out experienced fully equipped Goliath Battle cruises within 1 or 2 seconds – this being the case – what chance have the new ships got – NONE

    If you are a new player with limited cash to spend – you are wasting your money – you may be able to afford 500 to buy an FE ship – but then there are all the upgrades and add ons – plus the extras you have to buy on top of that – only to venture away from port and get killed in 1 second – waste of money forget it.

    If you are a seasoned player with many years at the game and a decent ship and equipment – you will be getting sick of the supercheats and end up like myself and so many others – not playing the game – just sat in the forums complaining.

    If you want value for money for your hard earnt cash – you would be better to open your window and throw the cash out of it and see how far the wind takes it.

    These are my views and not those of MMOreview

    DARKORBIT – never ever be tempted by them – NEVER

  61. MAY

    Yeah i totally agree that this game is very expensive but dont spend money on it . . I am FE in Global america 4 and i use free bot called boxybot which collects uri for me i play this game since 2 years . . I am a fe with full iris and pilot bio and i havent spent a penny on it . . Just enjoy for free 😀

  62. -=KillBot=-

    If you want to play and succeed in this game you will have to use a bot. Unless you want to be stupid and spend a ton of money on it, be my guest, you will be on the same level as a drug addict paying for his fix.

    I have created one of the bots used in this game and have helped many people compete in this game. Big Point is at fault for creating the market for bots in this game. Their own greed caused it. Now I enjoy programming and running my bot project. Once in a while I will play. As long as there is a demand, I will always supply a bot for this game and stay one step ahead of Big Point.

    As for all of you addicts, you are no better than a crackhead.

  63. lovestochill

    Botting seems to be the only way to go these days if you want to be good I am from US East Server and MMO are the ones that usually cheat especially with cattegirn(cowgirls)clan.

  64. MAY

    Yeah and there are also few hack scripts called WP scripts which can increase your damage and shields but they are more oftenly detected by bp

  65. LMFAO

    SERIOUSLY GUYS?! I only see comments about “I’ve ONLY used 2000 dollars in this game it’s so addictive if I can’t play this game I’ll throw my screen to a wall IM OVERWEIGHTED SHIT I’ll DESTROY YOUUU”
    OH COME ON! I’ve played this for 2 years and I’ve used 10€ on this game, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE! Getting 12m kreds to buy best ship takes A FEW DAYS! And the ones who complain about OP enemies, get some shield and speed, still dying is part of game, if I get destroyed when I have bb, I just buy a new one, 2h = 600k kreds, if I die on goliath, I pay the repair with uridium, x-2 = lordakiums = lots of uridium, you can be full-elite without spending a bit on this game. TRY IT, IT RULES!

  66. MAY

    Yea! Just get ur self a gud clan. . . . . Im member of clan [SG1] clan rank-2 (ga4 server). . . . These guys help me a lot i collect palla and play gg . . If someone kill me then i call my strong clan members then we hunt. . .

  67. lvl 20 SK2 players

    it is a great game too bad it has been destroyed by poor management, on SK@ server 90% of all players after midnight are cheaters using bots to harvest credit and value items.
    This game is dead.

  68. ExDo

    This game is dead already, killed by game managers who did nothing about the cheaters. i played 2 years and i stopped today, the server i played on SK2 is dead, done, finito.

    good job bigpoint

  69. crazy

    damn u SG1 :p wats ur name anyway ?? I think jack and others spending alot ur cbs has 5.5 k points o_0

  70. Brandon Louis

    On the 23rd of October 2012, Bigpoint laid off 120 staff members..
    Looks like bigpoint going down in the hill which means, online games will increase the prices..

  71. LyonSsS

    How can you play such a crapy game and spent so much money on that stupid low graphics game :)) you guys amuse me.
    You can plaw other MMORPG than this crap, like WOW, AION , Requiem, Silk Road, Allods etc than this shit :))))

  72. killer99

    agreed with guy above ^^^^^
    stop playing this game and play aion
    played darkorbit before and it sure is super fking expensive
    i played mine and i did gear up freely but that did take a lot of time
    and you lowbies praising this game STFU you dont know how hard it is to keep up with high paying players.
    Actually this game is completely centered on paying money.
    Dont believe me? well try it.
    For information even level 1 players can buy the best spaceship available and all the best equipments paid and hit harder than level 15 one who did not geared up fully already.
    Oh and there is also munitions!
    The good uridiums are paid in uridiums and the x4 muni we get them in sort of galaxy gates(sort of dungeons?) which is obvioulsy paid in uridiums too
    was a long time since i geared up. Had 31 elite shield 31 lf3 8 iris drones and was pretty proud of myself but did not have the freaking x4 because…it was aquired in freaking galaxy gates which are freaking expensive to open! so couldnt do shit =_=
    In short everything required for some good pvp is money.
    Yeah there are some you cant buy in broker
    Only x2, x3 and absorb shield one in broker. Those were the best in the old days but now with x4 x6 and other this ammo is worth shit.
    You get them in broker but are expensive and you prolly not get them.
    -New drones stuff
    I dont really know them just logged in again and found them there

    The pilot something forgot the name.

    There are still lots of other stuff you need but i also forgot about this game

  73. Sarason

    I played this game on USA East for a few years. This was back when greens were used sparingly as the only elite ammunition. This game has developed into a money hogging game that has botters and cheaters using hacks of all kinds.

    There are many emotionally stunted people on the game and it really is a waste of time compared to games like Eve that were much more in depth and involved.

    I find that this was a terrible waste of my time and I spent much too much time there.

  74. runescape god

    play runescape instead 10 dollars a month. or free to play great quests and great community has what dark orbit missing enough said try it

  75. baned player

    dont waste your time on this game,i played this game 4 years.

  76. soulareclypx

    so I hear alot of folks complaining avout spending money on the game and how accts got hacked. Well yes you gotta pay a little in order to get good equipment. Now for those of u that thibk this game should be free would be happy to know that if it were only free, u can expect more lag than now, weak graphics, less missions less cm and admins etc. With that said, anytime you play a game, it is a investment, money or time. You will invest one of the two. With that said, anyone is is mad thhat they spent too much money has only themselves to blame. If you got hacked, chances are you ley someone know ur pw in DO or in DO Portal. The only othet way to gethaccked is if u havr an unsecured line to the internet and that my friend is also your fault. If any of you went on yo sites that promised cheats or bots or hacks then you have put urself at risk becausr those sites are fishers and are created to trace ip addresses and modems and computers and design a web frame to replicate your cpu or one that u are using and get into your acct. I know this becausr my cousin works for norton security and his job is to create ways to hack things in order to help norton give you better security. With that saif. think long and hard before you say you got hackef and think about how mayne you contributed to ur own demise. Do has come a long way. They rid the game of botters so far and will next getvrid of h ackers.

  77. wazzer

    this game is ok but they make up the rules as they go if you pick a username that they dont like they ban your account and advise you that your username was offensive when in fact it isnt as they have users on there game with very offensive usernames but because they pay to play they are allowed to carry on so be warn if you pay to play they may ban you unfairly and you will lose anything you have paid for .this is a money pit game dont be fooled.there are better fair games out there go look dont waste you time on this sh”t

  78. Butthurt

    This game is total shit

  79. Theman

    I stopped playing in 2013
    100k shields
    Rep bot 5
    8 iris
    1 lf 3
    1 lf2
    16 mp1
    40 mill feeds

  80. MPH

    After reading through the tons of negative reviews above, I just had to laugh. Addictive? No more so than any other game. Need to put money in? Absolutely not. You are more than capable of aquiring FE ships and being competitive without putting in a dime, you just have to work a bit at it and be able to rub a couple brain cells together to figure it out. I’ve played DO off and on for about 4-5 years and the only complaint I’ve ever had was logging in after an extended break to find that my account was gone, but since I never put any money into it, it was only a loss of some time.

    I’ve just started back a couple days ago as a means of taking a break from EVE and already I’ve racked up most of the Elite gear for my ship and even scored both a Leo and a Veng for next to nothing thanks to the auction system (formerly known as Trade). Also, one big improvement that has been made for free players, is that you no longer lose your credits if you are outbid on an item.

    As far as issues with the admins and such, well, I guess quit being a jackass and you won’t have issues. While I’m sure some have legitimate issues with unfairness, most are just pissy cause they’re “fun” at being trolls ect., bit them in the ass.

  81. OnlineSpaceGames

    One of the best browser based space mmo games !

  82. marco

    that’s weir i am right now almost full elite in this game and i hadnt spent a single dollar, if you are going to waste such money in this game is simply pointless.. you can get almos everything with credits. or if not.. saving some uri from aliens isn’t a bad idea either. this game is about control and taking your time. If you want to spend, try to do it during mega happy hours, 100k of uri for $10 is not a big deal. but doing it more than once is wrong.

  83. Support_is_Awful

    The game is fun but the game is buggy. At some point you will send in a support request. More often than not, you will get Kara Flor.

    If that happens, all hope is lost. She is the soup nazi from Seinfeld. Any request, no matter how small, will be met with “it is not possible to do that”. She’s lying. If the support request goes on for more than a week, she’ll turn it on you and say that you were trying to get away with something and she was trying to help you.

    Unless it is Bigpoint’s goal to drive players away from Dark Orbit, Kara Flor is the most abusive and useless online support person in the history of the world.

  84. disgusted

    I’ve never seen so many bullies in one game. Amazing. What a lot of retards. All the noobs get beaten up on by guys with 10x the firepower. What a buncha wankers.

  85. lapazjim

    When DO first started it was a fun game to play and essentially all you could do is a full elite ship with promidium on lazers.It was fair in player vs player and was skill to defeat opponent.Now DO has added so much garbage to it that you need to either pay for or take several years to get.It is no longer who has the skill,but who has the money to get the best items.This is slowly becoming their downfall.
    A good case in point is the America West server.This is a dying server that used to have numerous players.now you will be lucky to find more than 20 people on at a time.This is bad when you are going from 100 plus on at least on weekends.I can only attribute this to two things.1)DO increasingly adding more items that cost even more money and 2)certain clans that are basically controlling the game by having a clan in each company thus eliminating competition.

  86. Deathstocker

    Okay…SO the people saying all this nonsense about this game is ridiculous. THIS IS A PAY TO WIN GAME, for the most part. However, you do not NEED to spend money on this game. Its an option. I myself, have put in around 2000 hours. I am past a FE, but took a lot of time off after LF4s came out. Its a game that requires a grind, however there are multiple ways of doing it. You can spend the time to get strong, without using a dime. This game is not boring. Its fun to work with friends or the whole Company you are in to accomplish goals that come along. The main thing that ruins this game now, is the over reliance on CHANCE. This game definently has its flaws, but its not terrible, and it doesn’t NEED money to play, or get strong, it just takes time.

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