Fiesta: Estate system and the Wedding Quest contest

Fiesta Online has announced two new pieces (the Estate system and the Wedding Quest contest) that will be live today, february 10th, in-game.

Estate system
Estates system will give members of Fiesta's vibrant player community the ability to stake out their own parcel and create a home that shows off their personality and passions. Owning an Estate will allow players to host up to fifteen players in the privacy of their own home. Estates will also be outlets for player creativity, allowing players to purchase decorations and furniture and make their Estate truly home.

Players can also invite their friends over to play games. There will also be additional transport options from an Estate, making it easier than ever to find friends and go adventuring. The Estate system will be available February 10th for all US Fiesta players.

Outspark is also celebrating Valentine's Day with the return of the popular Wedding Planner quest, and a brand new contest around it!

Wedding planner
The Wedding Planner charges the citizens of Fiesta to gather up Isya Blossoms, key elements of decorating for nuptials. The quest is repeatable, and we'll be holding a competition to see who can gather the most Isya Blossoms while the quest is available from the 10th of February until the 24th of February. The top romantic on each Fiesta server will receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate, while the top 10 players on each server will receive a free permanent item, the Lovesick suit!

Players have also chances to gather up chocolates, fire off fireworks, and participate in the Outspark-wide "Month of Love" promotion.

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