EVE Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary

On May 6th, EVE Online celebrated its 14th anniversary with Capsuleer Day. In 2003, a flood of intrepid pilots took to the skies with grand hopes and aspirations. Fourteen years on and the same curiosity and bravery have become the cornerstones of a thriving virtual world built on emergent, player-driven experiences. In celebration of another year amongst the stars, all capsuleers were rewarded with a YC119 Capsuleer Day Capsule SKIN and loads of fireworks, redeemable until May 23rd.

In addition the YC 119.5 release went live, bringing with it a number of entirely new features to the 14-year-old MMO.

For an overview of its features, check out the below video.

Blood Raider Shipyards bring high-end PvE to EVE, as the Blood Raider Covenant has been working hard to bolster its military capability in order to ensure that they are at the forefront of combat technology.

These dangerous sites provide a unique opportunity for capsuleers from across the cluster to assault Blood Raider manufacturing facilities and military staging points, salvaging blueprints that will allow the construction of three formidable Blood Raider capital vessels. These shipyards are well defended, and should they come under attack, backup forces will come in droves, harnessing a new A.I. very similar to player themselves.

Furthermore, all stars throughout New Eden have been fully redesigned to be hauntingly gorgeous.

With the release comes Birth Of A Capsuleer, a new intro movie to EVE Online that premiered at EVE Fanfest 2017.

The YC 119.5 Release also brought several other features to players:
- Changes to PLEX, one of EVE Online's currencies, is now more granular, accessible, and easy to use. PLEX can be exchanged in batches of 500 for a month free of Omega game time. Check out the PLEX Changes On The Way and PLEX Rework Follow Up dev blogs for more information
- Alliance Logos on Citadels, so players can fly their colors on the largest player structures in gaming
- Dozens more quality of life changes.


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