Elsword Launches Elrianode Update

KOG Games announces the launch of Elrianode, the long awaited and larger-than-life continuation of the heroic saga years in the making!

Consumed by the El, Elsword laid bare; ordained in sacrifice to the essence that drives life into every facet of being in the world of Elrios... the causation of power in the ultimate sacrifice shocked the very existence of the life they held most dear, bringing the essence of Life and Chaos to stare each other in the face. Elrianode, the great Capital City thought lost to the myth of the Great Explosion, a story 500 years old materializes, seething from the mist of decay and bygone parables. The celestials that have guided the El Search Party thus far were visibly disturbed. Why would such a magnificent phenomenon come to be? Why now?

With the help of his friends and family, Elsword was freed from the El. But in setting him free, the El had become weak and volatile. They must act now... as something wicked this way comes.

Elsword's latest update will bring about the all new Elrian land, starting with the first City and Dungeon, Elrianode. As with other continent updates, this will be the first of a number of updates that expand upon the landscape, lore, and of course, Elsword's dungeon crawling RPG groundwork.

Take a look at the awesome Elrianode intro video below.

Beyond Dungeons, lands and lore... there's a ton stuff going in with this update. From board games, to PvP and the highly coveted item Enhancement Events.


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