Dirty Bomb Releases The Shell Shock Update

This past February, Splash Damage LTD. took back publishing rights from Nexon for their hit free-to-play shooter Dirty Bomb, regaining control over the game in the hopes of supporting and growing it for fans in the days to follow.

The team has now released, "Turtle," their first new Mercenary this year along with a brand-new map, named "Vault." This fan-anticipated combat engineer comes with a deployable shield and his very own narratively-driven event. And in typical Splash Damage style, players will control the outcome of it!


Since the transition, players have reaped the benefits as Splash Damage has more than tripled the size of their development team, added the new holistic "EasyAntiCheat" solution, launched two Ranked Seasons, and just last month shipped the long-awaited map, "Dockyard."

By the end of summer, even more unannounced fresh content will be released along with casual matchmaking to better balance the FPS experience.


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