Dirty Bomb Releases Javelin Update

Splash Damage LTD have launched their most significant update yet for free-to-play shooter Dirty Bomb with a rocket firing Merc named ‘Javelin’, the ‘Dome Redux’ map based on community feedback, and a new party & matchmaking system that allows you to play with friends while being matched against teams of similar skill.

The update also came with a new Merc pre-game line-up screen and post-game MVP screens that show off Mercs, loadouts and Obsidian skins in all their glory.

The recently implemented Daily Reward system has again been improved, and now rewards players with a guaranteed cosmetic change as they play deeper into the week.

Finally, following feedback from the community, Merc pricing has been retooled to make them more attainable for new players and ensure higher-skilled Mercs take more time to unlock, encouraging new players to learn the ropes before trying to unscope the whole enemy team with snipers.


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