Dawn of the Spirits is now live on Fiesta Online


gamigo has released today a new expansion for Fiesta Online. "Dawn of the Spirits"  raises the level cap from level 89 to 105 and provide new content for high-level players. In this expansion, high-level players will come up against loads of thrilling new challenges. More than a hundred quests will be available as well as new areas including 2 new dungeons, Tears Marsh and the Temple of the Spirits; one PvP hunting field, the Abyss Marsh; and a new map filled with unyielding monsters, the Swamp of Dawn. All these new areas and features will be accessible from a new city in Isya known as Alberstol Ruins.

From mythical figures of ancient Egypt to the architecture of Mayan temples, Dawn of the Spirits will take Fiesta Online players on fantastic and exciting adventures through the heart of Isya. Not only will players be able to make their character more powerful and skilled, their character can also learn a new specialization thanks to the introduction of the 3rd class, which will be available through specific quests from level 100. Of course Dawn of the Spirits also brings new sets of weapons and skills for levels 90 and higher.

Check here all you need to know about Dawn of Spirits. And visit its official website.

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