Dawn of spirits, expansion for Fiesta Online


gamigo announced a brand new expansion for Fiesta Online. "Dawn of the Spirits" will raise the levelcap from level 89 to 105 and provide new content for high level players. The expansion is planned for release in September.

There will be two new dungeons waiting for brave adventurers: The Swamp of Dawn and The Temple of Spirits. A new area for players from level 90, jam-packed with tough monsters, will also be added, opening up new kingdom quests for raids with up to 15 players. The introduction of the third class change, which will allow players to specialize their characters even further once they reach level 100, is the icing on the cake. "Dawn of the Spirits" will also bring a slew of new items to Isya. Among other things, there will be mighty weapons and shields for Fiesta players from level 90 and above.

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