Crossout Releases Update 0.7.2

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have released a new major update for Crossout, the popular vehicular action MMOG that has attracted a staggering three million players in its first month alone. Now adding to the post-apocalyptic mayhem are two new game modes; Big Black Scorpions, an acrobatic deathmatch for swift players with fast reflexes, and Clan Wars, which sees organized survivors fight for territorial control over the planet’s rarest resources. Further additions include improved visuals through Nvidia’s HBAO+ technology, a new map and the ability for players to become flag-bearers in battle.

The wastelands of Earth now look even more frightening thanks to the added support for Nvidia’s HBAO+ technology. Shadows cast by objects and scenery have become far more detailed and life-like, significantly adding to the ambience and immersion of the game. This technology is available for players on the PC version of Crossout.

Crossout’s newest Brawl Mode (all game modes outside regular battles) is called ‘Big Black Scorpions’, and it will literally see you jump corners - and not just out of possible fear of arachnids! In this battle royale game mode, players ride on the Black Scorpion, a fast and nimble buggy that is equipped with the Scorpion Pulse Accelerator. Highly destructive, this relic weapon is capable of taking out a Black Scorpion with a single hit, but its long recharge time and the fact that players can respawn multiple times are not the only reasons winning this fierce deathmatch won’t be an easy task. Each Black Scorpion is also equipped with a set of vertical thrusters, giving it unprecedented - and almost unpredictable - mobility in the arena. Acrobatic survivors who best their opponents in this mode receive valuable reward containers and can obtain fragments of special vehicle parts.

Clan Wars is Crossout’s main game mode for organized competitive gameplay. To participate, players have to join or form an in-game clan and select the most fearsome warriors from their midst to represent them on the destroyed world’s most contested battlefields. Based on their weekly performance, all members of the most successful clans receive their rightful share of Uranium, a very rare resource used to craft the most powerful equipment, such as the Flamethrower, and thus an extremely valuable commodity on the in-game market.

Are you a Lunatic and proud of it? Patriotic wastelanders can now equip their vehicles with a flag of their faction, to show off their allegiance to anyone they meet on the battlefields. Inspiring their brothers-in-arms of the same faction, not only the flag-bearer will gain increased reputation, but any other member of his faction in the same team as well. Two flags are available, common and rare, with the latter yielding an increased bonus.

Also new is the map ‘Two Turrets’ which is available exclusively in the ‘Cargo Race’ mode. Featuring two eerie, rocky peaks, the location has attracted visitors of various mental conditions even before the catastrophe. Today’s “tourists”, however, are far more dangerous than before, searching the local military wreckage for valuable loot and scrap.


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