Conflict of Nations Introduces Coalitions

Bytro Labs is introducing Coalitions to Conflict of Nations, which are besides alliances the second major team play feature. Player will from now on be able to team up with other players on a per map basis. With this great on-map cooperative option you can finally ally with friends, neighboring nations or any other trusted force and win collaboratively – without the fear of backstabbing. Included in this package is the ability to liberate friendly territories, returning provinces and cities to the control of their former owners.
Additionally, they have addressed a number of gripes preventing alliance players from enjoying competitive ranked gameplay as it should be: amongst others they have introduced player number based victory points, specific team game gold payouts and a unified starting date for the maps. Balancing wise they have worked tirelessly on the game economy – specifically focusing on reducing resource scarcity, upkeep slog and lack of economical depth.

And finally: to celebrate the fixed growth of cities, they have added growing and shrinking city-grid graphics to the map.


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