Combat Arms Rebranded as Combat Arms: Reloaded

NEXON Europe has revealed that on June 21st the immensely popular and long-running competitive FPS Combat Arms will undergo a complete overhaul that will revolutionise the battlefield. Following a vast variety of changes in game experience and successful completion of the recent Operation Janus beta, the popular title will now be rebranded Combat Arms: Reloaded to emphasize the redesign, redefinition and rebalancing of the longstanding, successful franchise.

The update will substantially rework the underlying framework of the game by making several major adjustments in gameplay features – including a fundamental rebalancing of the Combat Arms: Reloaded arsenal – cementing its place as a leading multiplayer shooter in 2017.

Details of the update are as follows...

Weapon & Gear Rebalance: The vast Combat Arms: Reloaded arsenal (weapons and gear) will undergo a rebalance - closing the performance gap between legacy and newer items ensuring that no weapon is able to easily outperform another of its kind.

Streamlined Arsenal: The Combat Arms: Reloaded arsenal will be streamlined to deliver a faster gearing-up experience.

Improved & Simplified User Interface: Visibility of the information pertaining to the performance of the Combat Arms: Reloaded arsenal will increase, streamlining the HUD and giving players a better understanding of the gear that they choose to take into battle with them.

Voice Chat & Matchmaking: Combat Arms: Reloaded will now feature a robust voice chat and a matchmaking system that supports both playing with close friends and clan members, as well as providing a solid groundwork for competitive play with strangers.

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