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Combat Arms

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Developed by Nexon for Windows.


Combat Arms is a fast paced modern MMOFPS (first person shooter). Battle it out on various maps and six game modes. Earn new ranks and cash by winning matches and buy new guns, attachments and gear. New players start with a ton of cash but in Combat Arms guns are not permanent, they expire after a week or so.


- Character customization
- Modifiable Weapons
- Multiple Game Modes & Theatres of Combat
- In-Game Clan System
- Constant Content Updates & Events
- Web Profiles and Rankings


- Elimination; Team death match. This is the most popular game mode.

- Search and Destroy; One team must plant a bomb while the other tries to stop them.

- One Man Army; - Free for all.

- Capture The Flag; Two teams attempt to capture opposing flag.

- Spy Hunt; Players attempt to acquire all 3 ‘intel cases’ to become the super spy with access to powerful weapons.

- Snowball Fight; Special game mode available until March. Freeze other players with snowballs than shatter them with a shovel.


OS: Windows 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium III 1 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB free
Graphics Card: GeForce 2 MX
DirectX: 9.0c

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Website: Combat Arms

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Combat Arms game

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3 Comentarios de Combat Arms

  1. Jason

    since the new update came out of this game really killed the game

    its not worth playing anymore

  2. Harlem

    I will make this brief.
    Combat arms is a fine game, aided by a large arsenal, a new upgrade/customization/forging system that can let you turn…per say, a USP into a Lazer-Pistol.
    Great maps, and fine graphics for a F2P game.

    But the big issue that drowns out all the others.
    Is the Community. Hackers, Hackers, hackers. their like termites and cockroaches that have merged together.
    A fantastic game let down by an ugly community.
    Play at your own risk.

  3. ARREB

    The game is great but it only works with XP only. It constantly crashes with Vista and Windows 7 and more then likely crash with Windows 8.
    This is a problem that the company can not seem to fix since 2011 so bugged for almost 2 years now.
    It has great graphics and I love it but since me and millions of other people use Windows Vista and 7 we are out of luck.
    Will be a great game when they get it compatible with windows.
    Until they actually find a fix which since they cant find one in 2 years more then likely they never will i would play another game that is stable.

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