Call of War Introduces a New Reward System

In the last week, Call of War had a huge balancing update coming to the battlefields. It changed the attack power of different units, added upkeep to rockets and made it possible to go for different strategies to defeat your enemy. With this new update you will have the chance to fight with a greater variety of different units.

Additionally we made improvements to the reward system. Besides the regular winning reward that depends on how many Victory Points (VP) you have at the end of the game, there will be an additional fixed reward for the winning players. The fixed reward will not only depend on which place you end up, but also on the map size. The bigger the map, the higher the final payout.

- Added additional winning rewards that depend on final ranking and map size.
- Added a new popup at the end of a game that also informs you about your winning reward.
- Tutorial and Shop Improvements.


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