Call of War Allows to Purchase Blueprints with Gold

Bytro Labs has announced a big surprise for our end-game strategists in Call of War: With today’s update you will be able to buy blueprints with Gold to unlock the elite units in the research panel. Buy them either directly in your research tab or in the blueprints overview in the statistics window. The price for each blueprint will be visible in the tool tip. The costs vary depending on how many blueprints of that type you already possess. Supply crates will contain only resources if you already own all the blueprints.

You can use blueprints on all maps, but be aware: every map and every player requires a different strategy. But how are you supposed to know which approach to take? For this reason we will give every country that can be picked by a player an additional airport and an Interceptor as a starting unit, which are placed in an urban province in the middle of the respective country. This change will only affect newly created games and only non-historical maps. Reason for this change is the limited amount of action players can do in the first 24 hours of a game round. You will now have more possibilities to interact with the game and gather information. Planning and strategizing becomes more easy and interesting.


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