CABAL 2 Releases Chapter 3 update

ESTsoft Inc. has revealed the newest details for the latest free update for CABAL 2, available now! Chapter 3: AI Ascent is the highly anticipated update that features the largest map addition to date, an increased level cap, brand new player skills alongside new dungeons and challenges for both casual and veteran players alike! Chapter 3 also features several quality of life enhancements, as well as new improvements to Challenge Mode rewards and more!

Chapter 3: AI Ascent will allow players to test their new skills in an ominous new dungeon: The Clanking Forest. Accessible at level 50, players will battle their way through hordes of the newly discovered “Sentinoids” as they struggle to survive in a twisted land where nature and machines collide!

Alongside this new dungeon, players will try to survive three new Advanced Citadels, an increased Monster Arena cap, and a brand new Challenge Mode located in the heart of Gray Canyon!

Chapter 3: AI Ascent is an entirely free update for CABAL 2, and is available now!


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