Atlas Reactor Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Atlas Reactor’s first anniversary isn’t the only new news; on October 10, Season 4 of Atlas Reactor will officially begin! Built with player feedback in mind, Season 4 will be a tighter experience than the previous three. Season 4 changes the format, presenting weekly missions instead of Chapter-aligned ones, with the lore being presented weekly instead of by chapter. The theme around Season 4 is Trust, allowing players to earn Trust themed rewards and earn items that they may have missed out on in previous seasons.

Additionally, challenges are being replaced with an all-new Alerts system in Season 4. Alerts pop up randomly, giving players a timed window to earn cool rewards and bonuses!

The Atlas Reactor first anniversary celebration runs from October 4 and lasts until October 9 (ends at 8:00am PDT). A bonus Flux weekend will also be underway during the celebration, running from October 6 through October 8. The past year has been fantastic for Atlas Reactor and its players, ranging from launch up through the most recent Fourlancer update, which introduced a game mode that allows players to experience 1v1 matches while controlling all the lancers on their team, adding a completely new feel to the gameplay. The Fourlancer mode has taken off with the game’s fans, and is a smash hit with players looking to experience a more intense and fast-paced take on the game and is just one of the awesome modes that players have been engaging in.


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