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Team-based Strategy




Trion Worlds


Atlas Reactor is set in a future world where Trusts hire on skilled Freelancers to do all manner of jobs for cold hard cash; the best of these have risen in celebrity status and players get to step into their shoes for team based battles. Free to play the game focuses on turn based combat where it’s always your turn; simultaneous turns means no waiting around for your opponents and teammates to decide what they’re doing and instead players must act and react to their rivals and try to second guess what their plans are.


  • Turn based combat but with simultaneous turns

  • Various characters to play

  • A variety of abilities and skills

  • Numerous maps and game modes


The core of the game revolves around team based battles, either PVP against other rival teams of characters or against AI opponents, combat is completely turn based with players choosing which actions they wish to perform and then locking them in. However, unlike other turn based games where a player then has to wait for everyone else’s turn until their own go rolls around again, in Atlas Reactor everyone chooses their actions at the same time and once everyone has locked in… the fun begins.


As everyone’s turn happens at the same time a turn is broken down into four phases, with each phase having priority and occurring in a set order; the player’s actual abilities will occur in one of these phases and there is structure to the turn itself. The phases are:

  • Movement – With the mouse players can choose which square/location they wish to move to on the map, players can also create a path with various waypoints to give a more accurate movement for the character; choosing carefully which tiles they step on to avoid potential traps and environmental hazards. The Movement is the last phase to occur in the round, meaning players can’t simply move away from an area that is being attacked using their standard movement.

  • Blast – The main damage dealing abilities fall into the Blast Phase, using an ability players typically get to target an area or bring up an Area of Effect target that will show which enemies will be caught in the attack. Attacks deal damage and, when they have dealt enough to an enemy, will remove that target from the battle. Blast abilities occur before character Movement.

  • Dash – Whilst standard movement happens at the end of the turn, some characters have Dash abilities that allow them to move BEFORE the Blast Phase, able to dodge a predicted incoming attack or evade to a safer location; the Dash ability triggers and moves the character to their new location and then the Blast ability will trigger, targeting where the player had been originally but is no longer.

  • Prep – These abilities take place at the beginning of the round, they are mostly used for either throwing down heals to keep allies in the game, support buffs or using offensive traps that will hinder enemies. As the Prep abilities happen before the Dash abilities, it is possible to mitigate those actions so that the character is still in place for the final Blast attacks.


There are numerous characters to choose from in the game, each having their own playstyle and skills that will help them as individual characters and as members of a team:

  • Zuki – The “Belle of the Bomb” to her fans, this pint sized engineer loves nothing more than making things and blowing them up; with a bunch of missile and mine strikes and a mini nuke, she can also use her rocket pack to quickly get out of stick situations

  • Asana – The “Techno Tachi”, this femme fatale uses a laser sword to slice and dice her way into and out of trouble, with fast reflexes and her defensive nanotech she is able to fire out arcs of laser fire, repel attack back at enemies with her shield, or move at blindingly fast speeds to reach opponents and slash them to ribbons.




Website: Atlas Reactor

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