April 2016 TOP 10 Free-to-play MMORPG

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This is our selection of the best ten free to play MMORPG of April 2016. This month brings (again) several changes to our list. April has seen quite a few content updates and some expansions that were long awaited.

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## 10 ##


Mabinogi - news

Mabinogi update screenshot 3 copia_2Mabinogi update screenshot 2 copia_2

Mabinogi is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with unique anime styled graphics. Mabinogi is a one of a kind game with an endless list of unique features. Players can compose music, design clothes, milk cows, get a part time job and much more. Characters also grow older as time goes by but can be ‘reborn’ through the use of a special item.

## 9 ##

Age of Conan

Age of Conan - news

Age of Conan pet master arena screenshot 2 copia_2Age of Conan pet master arena screenshot 3 copia_2

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a free to play MMORPG with subscription based premium features. The game is set on the world and works of acclaimed author Robert E. Howard. In Age of Conan, players enter Hyboria with thousands of their friends and enemies to live, fight, and explore the dark and brutal world of King Conan.

## 8 ##


ASTA - news

TOP 10 F2P MMORPG March 2016 ASTA screenshots (12) copia_1TOP 10 F2P MMORPG March 2016 ASTA screenshots (10) copia_1

Asta offers fun and feature packed gameplay with everything you could hope from a fantasy MMORPG title: multiple classes, PVE, Dungeons, Raids, PVP, Crafting and more! Completely free to play, you can experience a game full of content with intriguing quests across a huge explorable world designed and built in CryEngine 3 for some amazing graphics.

## 7 ##

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online - news

Star Trek Online screenshot (15) copia_2Star Trek Online screenshot (17) copia_2

Star Trek Online is a free to play MMORPG set in the vast universe of Star Trek. It features customizable ships and characters from the Klingon Empire and United Federation of Planets, ground, space and shipboard gameplay and unique options for player-generated content.

## 6 ##


Skyforge - news

TOP 10 F2P MMORPG March 2016 Skyforge screenshots (16) copia_1TOP 10 F2P MMORPG March 2016 Skyforge screenshots (21) copia_1

In Skyforge players step into the role of the Immortals, near godlike beings set to defend the world against the invading forces that wish to claim its lands and people for themselves. A fantasy meets sci-fi free to play MMORPG that is being developed by the combined forces of Allods Team (Allods Online) and Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth).

## 5 ##


TERA - news

TOP 10 F2P MMORPG March 2016 TERA screenshots (22) copia_1TOP 10 F2P MMORPG March 2016 TERA screenshots (26) copia_1

The Exiled Realm of Arborea (abbreviated as TERA) is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with visually stunning graphics quality and a very intense and rewarding combat where skill, position, timing and aim determine success in combat. Players can use a controller or a keyboard and mouse, and they have full control over the attacks.

## 4 ##

Perfect World

Perfect World - news

Perfect World screenshot 2 copia_2Perfect World screenshot 3 copia_2

Perfect World is an MMORPG heavily based on Chinese mythology, and is set in the mythical world of Pangu. The game offers both level based progression and skill point based. The simulated day and night, and flight is a key component in exploring the game world.

## 3 ##


Rift - news

Rift screenshots (18) copia_2Rift screenshots (21) copia_2

Rift: Planes of Telara is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), where thousands of players adventure together to save a world being torn apart by magical rifts that unleash deadly planar invasions. Rift: Planes of Telara will be available both as a digital download and as a boxed product in your local video-game retail store.

## 2 ##

Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul - news

TOP 10 F2P MMORPG March 2016 Blade & Soul screenshots (16) copia_1TOP 10 F2P MMORPG March 2016 Blade & Soul screenshots (19) copia_1

Inspired by myths and legends, Blade & Soul is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game invites players on a fantasy-themed Asian martial arts adventure to live a thrilling story of good against evil with warring factions, battling gods as well as acts of revenge and betrayal involved.

## 1 ##

Hex: Shards of Fate

HEX - news

HEX F2Peer Review screenshots RW1 HEX F2Peer Review screenshots RW2

Hex: Shards of Fate is free to play trading card game where players must build up their own deck of cards from a variety of different monsters, actions and spells and go head-to-head against challenging AI in duels or an extensive PvE campaign mode or challenge other players in one-on-one or in exciting tournaments with real prizes. The game mixes elements of classic MMORPGs in with the traditional core TCG gameplay to bring a new and dynamic game to this popular genre.

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