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As one of their most popular 2D online games, IGG's Angels Online has found success with players by offering lovingly detailed graphics, a diverse array of characters, elegant skill effects and tons of original game content that include immersive stories and quests. All of these combine to form an exciting and lifelike environment for exploration and adventure – but it's the signature weather system that takes the realism to a whole new level. Thundering rain, shining sunlight, hail, snow, all of these happen based on the time of year and the day, and speaking of days, based on the server time, players may find themselves venturing not through eternal sunlight, but through moonlit trails in the dead of night.
The weather system is designed and based on the 2D graphics system the game utilizes, but it adds a dimension of realism that is not hampered by the limitations of 2D. In the morning, sunshine blankets Eden, and the surrounding area is clear and beautiful. As evening approaches, Eden slowly falls into the dark embrace of night, and the land lays wrapped in a thin golden fog - even the eponymous Dark City. Streetlamps glow, and the moon bathes the land in its eerie pale light while the creatures of darkness stir restlessly. For those players that think they know the land of Eden well, then take a walk at night, and it will seem as though you've entered a whole new world.
However, the weather system is not limited to simply day and night. In order to bring this simulation to life, the AO team decided to play God and added ever-changing weather conditions that follow the seasons outside the virtual world they created. Whether snowfall in winter, a heat wave in summer, or a sudden downpour in spring, you might find yourself reaching for an umbrella as the skies open up and shower Eden with life giving rain. 

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