Angels Online: new expansion and update

Angels Online has just launched the newest expansion-Floating Island and also updated the current client Version to Read its new contents below.

New Class Assassins
As the fourth expansion for Angels Online, Floating Island contains loads of fresh content. One of the very best aspects of the new addition is the brand new class--Assassins.

New Scenes Sunshine Palace
The new version is chock full of new scenes and intriguing storylines. The mysterious Sunshine Palace, which has been guarded by a colossal ancient dragon, is ready to once again face the harsh light of day.



New Combat Angel Arena
The new Angel Arena becomes even more alluring when players gather large groups to have at each other. 16 distinct maps will each host a battle, determining who will move to the next round, until only one player is left standing. So if you can’t wait until the next GM hosted Battle Royale, then gather as many friends as you can and let the blood flow.

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