Angels Online: Get the Inside Scoop on the Next Expansion

Are you ready for the next awesome expansion for Angels Online? While the residents of Eden were busy enjoying the wonders of the Floating Island, Satan, leader of the Evil Lyceum, was planning his next move. Now a struggle looms in the near future between brave Angels and the Demons of the Evil Lyceum. The Escape from Candy Land expansion is coming, and here’s a preview of what players will see when it goes live in July.

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New Storyline
The mysterious fairy realm known as Candy Land was created by taking the most wonderful memories of the world and preserving them in a paradise protected from the ravages of time. Satan has his sweet tooth set on controlling both time and Candy Land itself. Using his mastery of dark magic, he created a teleportation portal between Eden and the sweet paradise. Legions of demons and devils from the Evil Lyceum marched through and corrupted everything they touched.

New Skills and Equipment
The enlightened tutors of the Angel Lyceum have created new skills and spells after decades of research. They are now ready to share the fruits of their labors to assist the Angels who are busy fighting against the Evil Lyceum. Powerful new skills and spells will be available to players when the Escape from Candy Land expansion is released.

New Fusion and Pet Systems
Several new systems are set to revolutionize the game. The most prominent of these is the new Fusion System, which will allow players to create brand new items by fusing two or more different items together. There’s also a new Pet-catching system that will give players the chance to capture any monster that catches their eye and raise it as a pet.

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