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Angels Online's team is very excited to announce the coming of the patron beast of Breeze Woods, the Wind Pterosaur, in Eden- the first flying mount in Angels Online.  As a beast brought forth from legend, the Patron Beast has abilities that all of the other mounts in Eden can only dream of. It especially shines with its defense capabilities.   

Awesome Attributes
The Wind Pterosaur has guarded the peace of Breeze Woods with its outstanding defense power for a long time. This gentle patron beast is not as aggressive as the Fiery Cerberus, the patron beast of Dark City, but its incomparable defense ability makes Breeze Woods impregnable. In addition to the basic abilities that all of the other level 90 mounts have, the Wind Pterosaur has an additional 150 Defense and Spell Defense points.

No Level Limitations
In the same manner as the Fiery Cerberus, the Wind Pterosaur has no set level limitations! Even a newbie player can become a Dragon Knight once they obtain a Wind Pterosaur. However, anyone who can fly around on this magnificent beast will never be treated like a Newbie again!

First Flying Mount in Eden
As mentioned the Wind Pterosaur is the first flying mount in Eden. Its huge wings give the creature the ability to long fly for long distances without a break. When its wings are fully outstretched it is as big as four ordinary mounts standing side by side. The breathtaking yet surprisingly comfortable flying style makes this mount one of the most glorious rides to take!   It’s not only imposing but magnificently awesome too.
You can join the on-going event to win a Wind Pterosaur in the official website of Angels Online.

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