Angels Online explains how to fuzz balls evolve into powerful pets

Ever since IGG’s Angels Online team added Fuzz Ball Eggs to the game, players have been eager to raise and train their new pets. If you don’t have one yet, read on to find out why these new pets have become all the rage in Eden.
Fuzz Balls are one of the oldest forms of life in Eden. However, a mysterious magical power sealed them underground for eons. When an interest in archeology swept through the land, scientists uncovered the latent eggs and word quickly spread of their discovery. The Fuzz Balls are pure because they existed before the Angel Lyceum and Evil Lyceum were founded. These blank slates have the potential to become either a devil or an angel. It all depends on how their masters decide to train them.
First Stage of Growth
Like other pets in Eden, Fuzz Balls start out as eggs that passively accompany their masters. When they reach level 15, the Fuzz Balls hatch to reveal a round and bulging shape, large liquid eyes, and flapping wings. White wings mark the pets as angels while black wings show them to be devils. Whether they will grow to become angelic protectors or devilish destroyers, a Fuzz Ball’s destined fate has only just begun to be reflected in its appearance at this stage.
Second Stage of Growth
Using a Medium Blood Certificate, players can help level 35 Fuzz Ball pets evolve into their second stage of growth. Fuzz Angels have an angelic halo and a pair of white wings. They are good at attacking while providing various magic buffs for their masters during combat. Fuzz Devils have a pair of bat ears and black wings and can cast critical damage spells on enemies.
Third Stage of Growth
At level 55, the pets need an Advanced Blood Certificate to evolve into their final shapes. Some have bloody eyes and wield a huge Azrael Hook. Others boast huge white wings and an amiable manner while wielding an Angel Wand. There are five distinct Fuzz Ball pet types in Eden, and each of them possesses unique and awesome attributes. They may be good at using ranged attacks or perform quick warrior strikes. Players should take their class strengths and weaknesses into account when deciding what kind of Fuzz Ball to raise to achieve the perfect balance in combat.

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