Angels Online: a new instance

Defeating the four priests near the giant stone gate at Botti Palace opens the door to the center of the palace. What awaits players in its depths? The Angels Online team give us a sneak peek into the most dangerous areas of Botti Palace and the deadly BOSSes that dwell therein.
Thinker’s Room: Charming Daphne
Charming Daphne’s followers used to gather here and train around the crystals. However, Daphne and her dancing girls now occupy this hallowed room. Her spells are extremely powerful because they draw strength from the crystals. When she is near death, she can divide her soul into four elemental avatars. This will put players’ elemental resistances to the test.
Library: Mystic Keith
Many precious books are found in Mystic Keith’s library, but no one knows what schemes cunning Keith has set in motion from inside this room. Pay close attention to the books on the floor. You may find yourself stung by spurs emerging from the books at any moment. As if there aren’t already plenty of dangers to be found here, Keith is also an expert assassin. He doesn’t even need to enter stealth first if he wants to cast a spell. His power and resourcefulness present players with a life and death crisis.
Ballroom: Dancing Simon
Dancing Simon’s followers loved to gather here and enjoy festive balls together after a hard day of work. Now Simon and his sky army attack anyone who dares to enter the room. They are not what you would call gracious hosts. Even if you have no fear of Simon’s magic attack, the dreaded archers around him will certainly give you pause. Without the right protection, you may end up looking like a hedgehog as their arrows pierce you with a swift attack and an additional attribute attack.

Back Garden: Monsters’ Pets
The magnificent flowers and lush grass that once grew in the garden have been destroyed by the monsters’ pets. When you try to pass through, take care not to be bitten by one of the pets as they graze.
Luna Palace: Lilith
Take a deep breath before you confront the mistress of Luna Palace. Lilith’s evil power is the most daunting challenge on the Floating Island. The knowledge she has gained from the legendary Holy Book give her access to devastating spells. She can also absorb players’ HP to restore her health during the battle. A blitzkrieg strategy is your best chance to stop her. Lilith can summon several avatars to aid her and set horrible death magic traps as well. If you can defeat her avatars one by one and survive her spells, then victory will be within your reach.

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