AION invites you to try its update 4.0 on its public test server

Gameforge has announced that, between 16 and 19 August, you'll have the chance to try the upcoming update 4.0 of the Fantasy MMORPG AION on a public test server in all available language versions.

This update will allow players to reach level 60, explore Cantalon, the home of the Run where there will also be six challenging new dungeons and play with two new classes: the engineer, armed with lethal revolvers or Ethereal cannons and the artist, able to use the hidden power of their music in combat.

You can take a look at the new classes in the videos that you have below:
The Engineer

The Artist

The update 4.0 will be available on the European live servers from the 28th of August.

Source of information: Gameforge press release


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