A new class for Fiesta Online

Gamigo has announced to add a brand new class of elves to its free-to-play anime fantasy MMORPG Fiesta Online. The Crusader is supposed to be arriving this week.

Having mysteriously disappeared from Isya long ago, Crusaders now return triumphantly as legendary fighters on floating ships, together with their fearless leader Tiros.These swift and agile masters of swordsmanship possess stunning abilities that include slicing and dicing enemies with glowing blades and balls of light. Experienced players can unlock the Crusader at Level 60, allowing them to master the powers of light with dozens of new weapons, armor and skills.

In celebration of the Crusader's arrival, GMs will be hosting several fun and action-packed in-game events. In "Isya's Defense", an enormous PvE moshpit, players are tasked to defeat a relentless monster spawn and share in a massive loot drop while the GM-led tour of Elderine "EldersTale" will share stories of the great war that forced the Crusaders to leave Isya. At the end of the tour, players can win chic fashions.

The "Crusader Race To The Top" event encourages players toget from L60 to L115 as quick as possible. For making it beyond L100 will allow them to do a sub-class change to Templar and participate in the Templar Raffle for a chance to win special prizes.

Moreover, "Snapshot Wonder" invites the community to post screenshots in the forums to show off their Crusader characters for rich rewards.

Source of information: gamigo press release.

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