Echo of Soul Gameplay Commentary

Echo of Soul - First Look headlogo - EN

We've lately dedicated some of our time to participating in the closed beta testing of the EU/ NA version of Echo of Soul. Having published a full written hands-on report already, today we want to bring you our first look gameplay commentary, for which we started off at level 10 where we were able to choose a specialisation for our Sorceress character and then had a look at some of the primary game features, also trying our hand in PvP arenas.

A classic fantasy MMO RPG, Echo of Soul puts you into the role of a Soulkeeper, a champion sent from the deities Frigg and Odin to purify the realm from corruption. In addition to a plethora of familiar traditional feature such as dungeons, quest-based content and arena PvP, the title also sports an intriguing Soul system where crafting, acquiring resource and combat skills are tied together.

Watch our video and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with a comment below this post!

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