Zu Online: No Love in Zu Online This February

The immortal heroes of Zu Online will soon be battling it out amid the jagged peaks of the Zu mountains for the crown of the Overlord. On February 1, Zu Online has started their first major PvP event of the year - The Legend of Heroes-The Way to be the Overlord I. And this event will last for a whole month.
The event is run on an instant knock out basis. The event consists of two parts--preliminaries and finals. 32 qualifiers will be selected to qualify for the finals from the preliminaries. The prelimaries will last 8 days and 4 participants will be selected each day based on the Honor Kill rankings to move on to the finals. All Zu players can take part in the PvP event, which should make the preliminaries one crazy ride!
For those that manage to last into the finals, they will be fighting for more than just bragging rights. The top 5 players will be getting some cool prizes, but the real treasure goes to the final champion, who will be walking away with a Fiery Phoenix egg and their very own column in the forum. Everyone else will have to content themselves with a special consolation prize.

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