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As a tribute to this wonderful musical history, Ys Online presents new remixes of these classics with some brand new soundtracks to keep the ambience of the Ys universe alive. Key To Play brings you the complete Ys Online original soundtrack to download for free.

If there is one remarkable aspect from the Ys series, besides its red-haired hero, it is its original soundtrack. In the second half of the 1980’s the background music from Ys were recognized as a key moment of transition when at that time music was beginning to vary from simple sounds to rich melodies.

The Ys soundtracks are as famous as its composer, Yuzo Koshiro. He was an apprentice of Jô Hisahishi who created the majority of Studio Ghibli’s original soundtracks. The first Ys title in 1986 from Nihon Falcom had Koshiro’s music. He is also responsible for many other video games original soundtracks, including ‘The revenge of Shinobi’, ‘Streets of Rage’ and ‘Shenmue’.

Other composers involved in the creation of the Ys soundtracks were Mieko Ishikawa (Dragon Slayer, Sorcerian) and Hideya Nagata (Sorcerian). Their music has been performed by many artists including, J.D.K. who is a famous Japanese heavy metal band.

The work of these famous composers has been remixed over the years with subsequent releases of Ys I and II. Hudson Soft's Ys I and II, and Ys III: Wanderers from Ys released for the TurboGrafx-CD and composed by Ryo Yonemitsu was probably one of the most memorable.


Ys Online: The Call of Solum is an MMORPG based on the famous Ys series, created by the Japanese company Falcom. Since its first title for the 8 bit generation, it has since been turned several manga series, OAVs and even novel. Now, Falcom and CJ Internet are proud to present Ys Online: The Call of Solum, the new title of the series. This time the Ys experience is moving online, with the classic manga look that has become a key characteristic of the series.

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