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Developed by Gamenetworks for Windows.


With Your Destiny, or WYD for short, is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG by Gamenetworks. The game was heavily influenced by classical RPGs like Diablo 2 and Dungeon Siege, as the game’s graphics and interface are quite similar to those games. With Your Destiny’s most notable feature is the game’s ridiculously high XP rate and the game’s enormous level cap which is currently above level 300.


· Detailed graphics of character and terrain at a maximized zoom; realistic in-game experience.Pragmatic day and night visual effects. High quality full 3D graphics.

· Combat realism; Wide array of skills and weapons. Superb attacking actions and sound effects. Excellent visual graphics.Hunting monster, Guild wars, and Guild ranking tournaments will provide more excitement in the battlefield.

· Easy and Simple User interface; Quarter view based. Mouse based controls and easy to memorize hotkeys. Easy panning of camera view.

· Community; Party and Guild System. Periodical Guild War and Guild ranking system.

· Quest System; Adds more fun, excitement, and interest through wide variety of quests.
Solo or party quests. Increase user's capability though the quest system

· Dungeon & Special Area; Dungeon of Darkness, under world, and Desert Zone.
Boss monsters special items drop.

· Kingdom System; Two separate kingdoms : Hekalotia and Akeronia. Additional items that can be use for competition. Tax system on the kingdom.

· Mount System; Mount that will increase Character’s movement speed, attack damage, evasion rate,and resistance. Wide variety of Mounts with different capabilities and skills. Mount growth system (Egg -> Hatching -> Baby mount -> Full grown mount).


Trans Knight - Trans Knight’s are the traditional ‘warrior’ archetype in With Your Destiny. They are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in melee range and are capable of using deadly area of effect skills. They can wear heavy armor and have the most hit points.

Foema - Foemas are the traditional offensive spell casters in With Your Destiny. They lack physical strength and have the least hit points in the game, but they are capable of dealing massive damage from a distance with their magic.

Beast Master - Beast Masters are basically ‘druids’ in With Your Destiny. They have strong offensive capabilities with their nature based magic and very capable melee strength. They can shape shift into different beasts to gain bonus stats and skills.

Hunter- Hunters are the generic ‘archer’ characters in With Your Destiny. They are masters of the bow and claw weapons and are capable of dealing large amounts of damage very quickly, but have relatively low defensive capabilities compared to the Trans Knight.


-96 variety skills, 7 grades, and 82 kind of weapons
-Matching various attack motions and sound effects per each weapon features for more realistic battle effects
-High quality view of character and speedy movement
-Monster hunting, guild wars, and guild ranking tournaments for more fun of in the battlefield
-Increasing player's power and movement capability though the Mount System


Low system requirements with a high quality 3D graphics.
PIII 500 MHz, 128 MB of RAM, 16 MB (3D graphics card)

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