Worlds Adrift Enters Closed Beta

The new sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift has just entered Closed Beta. Watch the new cinematic trailer below. All those who wish to check it out can access by purchasing one of the three different Founder's packs.

“The history of multiplayer launches is bleached with the bones of games crumbling under the weight of their communities trying to log in all at once on day one, and having a terrible experience with unavailable servers for weeks afterwards” said Henrique Olifiers, Co-Founder of Bossa Studios. “We want to take a different road instead, ensuring that every player of Worlds Adrift has the best possible first contact with the game. We'll offer the Founders' Packs in batches throughout the Closed Beta period, always keeping an eye on how the game is behaving, until such time we're ready to open the doors to the entire community in the certainty that everyone will have a seamless experience with Worlds Adrift. This might not be the best commercial approach in the short term, but it will be the best for players in the long run - and that's what matters most for the Worlds Adrift team.”

Worlds Adrift offers a massive sandbox with high complexity. Players will get to design and build their own sky-ships piece by piece and venture in a vast open world.

There are three different packs: Wanderer tier for £26.99 / €31.99 / $34.99, Explorer tier for £39.99 / €50.99 / $54.99, and Captain tier for £49.99 / €59.99 / $64.99. All packs provide with access to the Closed Beta and different rewards.

Check out the new video:


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