World of Warplanes Introduces New Functionalities

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Wargaming has just announced the launch of Update 1.2 for their free-to-play aerial combat MMO World of Warplanes. Already live in Russia and scheduled for release in North America and Europe on March 6, the patch introduces new game functionalities to enhance the gaming experience.

WoWP_Screens_Combat_Image_01 WoWP_Screens_Combat_Image_02

The update introduces a new matchmaker algorithm, which developers call "Sandbox", in order to allow newbies to master basic tactics and skills without competing against experienced veteran pilots.

WoWP_Screens_Combat_Image_04 WoWP_Screens_Combat_Image_03

Players will also enjoy a revised post-battle screen that will provide them with detailed combat stats and a built-in functionality to record and playback battles as well as a set of new combat missions granting various rewards upon their completion.

WoWP_Screens_Combat_Image_05 WoWP_Screens_Combat_Image_06

Source of information: press release.

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