World Tour Fishing to Begin Open Beta Testing

World Tour Fishing - news

GamesCampus USA has just communicated the official beginning of Open Beta Testing for World Tour Fishing which is scheduled for February 27, 2014.

"With a unique title like World Tour Fishing, we feel confident in saying that this game is the best PC Fishing Title on the market. We can't wait to let people see for themselves on February 27th!" says Elliott Coward, Producer for World Tour Fishing. "With all the content and challenges waiting for players, we know we'll be engrained in the memory of fishers and gamers alike."


This new fishing MMO allows players to bait, cast, and land their way through 25 levels, 2 countries, and more than 20 fishing locations across the world, including the premier locations for sports fishing and angling in Japan. By participating in daily tournaments and collecting achievements, they will win rank awards, in-game titles and world records.


New mechanics will become accessible when catching more difficult and rare fish with a new level of difficulty and skill to the fishing process. This new fishing experience in WTF is replenished with an expanded aquarium system allowing players to display their rare and record breaking fish they have caught to the public in a massively customisable way.

Source of information: GamesCampus USA press release.


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