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Free to play Fishing MMO






In World of Fishing (known as well as Fishing Hero) players can travel the world as their own fisherman/fisherwoman as they head from place to place in a full 3D environment seeking out the most exotic and challenging catches and having friendly competition with other players. The game can be accessed on Windows platform and is free to play.


  • Over 360 available fish to find and catch

  • Purchase all varieties of equipment and gear to improve your fishing ability

  • Take part in Team Match or Freestyle mode

  • Navigate multiple large 3D environments

  • Use the Fish Wiki to learn more about your catches

  • Free to play


At its core players take on quests and participate in the different fishing modes to acquire coins and XP which will allow them to purchase a variety of needed items for fishing and then journey around a 3D world to try out different fishing locations. Players will require skills and patience to be successful when fishing and can compete against other players for ranking.


The game has a large choice of equipment and consumables for players to purchase, items typically have a character level requirement before they can be equipped:

  • Rods – Improving a character Hit value when fighting against fish to help drain a fish’s stamina quicker, the higher the level of rod the higher the Hit value

  • Reels – The higher the quality of reel the faster a character can reel in their line, very important when your fish is trying to get away

  • Lines – A vital component as the line improves in quality it increases its tension value so that a line has less chance of snapping when landing your fish

  • Baits – Fish can be very choosy when it comes to snack time and players will need a range of bait to catch different types of fish for their quests and collections

  • Hooks – Different hooks can provide extra boosts and bonuses depending on their type

  • Boats – There are a range of dingys and speedboats available to buy for getting players around the ocean looking for the best fishing spots, better boats will be faster, easier to handle and have more storage capacity to keep fish

  • Consumables – Consumables are used up and require players to purchase more of them, this includes Oil Reservoirs for your boat, drinks to replenish stamina, underwater camera charges and more

  • Clothes – There are different clothing items to buy and wear which change a characters look and provide extra bonuses


The actual mechanics to catch a fish, aside from the required gear, needs active player involvement, patience, concentration and skill. Sailing around the ocean once a player has found an ideal spot using their underwater camera they can cast their line into their chosen spot. When a line is casted a new window pops up showing the float, which will bob when a fish is taking your bait and with a quick swing of the mouse a fish is hooked; timing is critical and swinging when the float is submerged will lead to a stronger initial strike.

From here players must battle with the fish, using their left mouse to reel, swiping the mouse to swing and using the WASD to move the boat around, the aim of the game is to deplete the fish’s stamina bar in order to catch it. Reducing stamina is done by keeping tension on your line, measured by the Line Tension bar, not enough tension and the fish will run and get away, too much and your line can snap! Players can perform a Swing action to try and drain the fish’s stamina quicker, but this uses up the players own Stamina in the process.

Draining fish stamina can take some time, some higher quality fish have multiple stamina bars to drain before they are caught, but once done you are able to reel in your fish. There are hundreds of fish to discover and catch, in all different sizes and shapes, from the very common to the extremely rare which will require a lot of effort to catch; fish can be added to the players own personal collection of fish that they can show off to other players.




Website: World of Fishing

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