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Developed by Frogwares Games for Windows.


World of Battles is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online real-time wargame in a fantasy setting where up to eight armies, each one made up of as many as 16 units (with each unit featuring up to 30 individual soldiers!), clash in exciting player-versus-player battles. In addition to the fast and furious action on the battlefield players can talk to each other, find, create and schedule games through the lobby system.


· 9 different races - players can choose to play as Amazons, Barbarians, Beast Folk, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Elves, Knights, Orcs or the Undead, each with their own unique units and their own advantages and disadvantages.

· More then 10 completely different unit types with clear relations between them - players choose from available units, carefully selecting those that will work best with their chosen tactics while striving to minimize their own weaknesses and exploit those of their enemies.

· Hundreds of specific amazingly detailed units that you can play with and collect - during the course of play, players earn experience and gold which can be used to improve existing units and purchase new units for their collection and to use on the battlefield. Units can also be upgraded with unique and powerful weapons and equipment, which will not only change the unit's abilities, but will be reflected in their appearance on the battlefield. Each of these units has been designed not only to be unique on the battlefield, but with attention to detail that makes each one a unique digital miniature, all without the hassle of trying to find a place to keep them or needing a large and crowded tabletop to play.

· No Man is an Island - Commanders would be wise to form alliances to deal with their foes. World of Battles supports an in game teaming system, which allows for up to four players to join forces during the course of a battle and reap increased rewards of gold and experience for their collective victory. In addition to these teams, World of Battles supports the creation of player guilds, allowing players to join together and share in guild resources and special guild-based chat.


- Orcs; ruled over by savage shamans, the savage hordes of the orcs and their goblin cousins ride out from their wasteland homes to take what they need from lesser races. The sound of their elf-skin wardrums blending with the howls of the orcish wolf riders, and the chitinous  scrapings of the goblin-controlled spiders, to create a discordant song that has come to be feared in all civilized lands.

- Dark Elves: The dark elves live only to serve their dark goddess, rising from their subterranean cities to spread pain and terror in her name. Pain means nothing to them, it is but a sign of their loyalty to the goddess, and they embrace it as a mark of her favor. These fanatical warriors have quickly gained a reputation as brutally effective shock troops.

- Undead; They are the things that should not be. Returned from beyond the veil which some day covers all life the undead hordes of the revenants exist only to feed upon the vital forces of the living. Their slow, methodical approach seems unstoppable, and on the field of battle the once-dead are capable of cleaving an armored man in half with ease.

- Barbarians; Wild and free, the barbarian tribes roam the plains, taking what they want and need from the cities of the elves and humans. They disdain the trappings of civilization as weakness, and regard city dwellers with nothing but contempt. Their lightning-quick raids of their outriders are feared by merchant caravans and outlying towns and villages, though the wild onslaught of the barbarian raiders tends to crumble in the face of organized resistance.

- Amazons; No man holds dominion over the amazons, and should he try he would quickly find himself skinned alive and boiled in oil. The bows and javelins of these warrior women have spelled the doom of more than one war party arrogant enough to underestimate their prowess in battle, and their savage hatred of men has been the end of more than one poor fool who thought he could surrender and submit himself to amazonian mercy.

- Beast-folk; They are the old ones, the hidden ones. Ensconced in their forests, safe from the eyes of men, the beast-folk alliance seeks nothing other than to be left in peace. Sadly they have not been granted this wish, and the disparate ranks of the minotaurs, wolfen and centaurs have found themselves pressed together, their unique talents working in harmony as they find themselves striving to hold back an increasingly hostile world.

- Dwarves; The dwarves make their homes within the very bones of the world. They are miners and craftsmen beyond compare, and while cordial enough in their dealings they show a polite disdain for all other races, whom they refer to as "the beardless." In battle the heavily armored dwarven warriors form themselves into disciplined formations capable of breaking even the fiercest of charges.

- Elves; Though ancient and wise beyond the kenning of mortal man, the elven houses are not united. Some long ago schism has hardened the hearts of the city elves and their forest elf cousins. Despite this rift between the elven houses they still present a united front in battle; the forest elves provide archers beyond compare, who are supported by the flashing cavalry units of the city elves.

- Knights; The knightly orders of the human kingdoms have brought much ill will down upon themselves. Arrogant they are called. Greedy beyond measure. From the backs of their horses they stare down at all others, even those other humans whom provide the support the knights can not do without. They knights live only for glory, and rumors say they have even betrayed their own allies in this quest. While no one doubts that the knights are some of the most effective cavalry fighters the land has ever seen, it may only become a matter of time before the knightly allies find their former allies, and even their own people, presenting a united front against them.


CPU Intel Pentium 4 3 Ghz, AMD Athlon 3000+
Memory  1024 MB
Platform  Windows XP SP2/3, Windows Vista
Graphics card  NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X700, 128 MB
Direct X version 9.0

Website: World of Battles

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