World of Battles: new Beta version

World of Battles

Frogware's free MMO RTS, World of Battles, offers many new features in its version 0.9.14.

This new Beta version fixes and tune several parts of the game and brings a lot of new features. You are now able to:
- Get invited to Quests by your Race Advisor, help your side to win the battles (Good or Evil) and benefit from special rewards and bonuses on the online shop.
- Create your own battlefields and challenge armies of your opponents.
- Participate to different events like the XP & Gold events, and make your armies evolve faster.
- Plunge into an immersive atmosphere thanks to new 3D sounds and music themes.
- Get Gems (in-game currency) for free and buy all the items and equipment you need.
- Climb fairly the world rankings thanks to a Reliability Rating during the battles.

Check the official website of World of Battles.


World of Battles is set in a medieval universe where 8 races battle it out to dominate the entire world. Take control of your armies and earn the right to be called the Lord of War. Players can choose to play any one of 8 popular fantasy races, from humans to elves, the Living Dead through to Orcs and Dwarves. World of Battles allows for a very high level of customization, right down to individual soldiers within your battalions. Once your troops are recruited, trained and ready for combat it’s up to you to decide on how best to equip them before heading out into the field of battle.

Once out in the field, World of Battles switches to real time strategy and allows the player unprecedented tactical control of their units. With each battle involving up to eight armies with hundreds of units in each, only those with a strong tactical head will claim victory.

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