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Developed by Woozworld Inc. for internet browsers.


Woozworld is a browser-based virtual MMO world in constant evolution designed for tweens (ages 9-14). In Woozworld, tweens can safely create their own universe, play, and communicate with each other. Woozworld has creative functionalities as well as hundreds of games based on popular childrens’ TV series.


In Woozworld, every child can:

• Create and customize his/her Woozen with accessories
• Create his/her Unitz and transform the world
• Vote for the best Unitz and Woozen
• Play and view hundreds of games and videos (by territory)
• Communicate and start Spellz battles with others players and friends
• Take on the world by storm and complete diverse missions
• Earn Beex and Wooz to buy objects
• Participate in Woozworld’s animations
• As well as many more free benefits!
• Your child’s online safety is our main priority!
• Woozworld is a 100% safe environment
• Personal information is protected
• Conforms to “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act” norms


• Earning more Beex for every actions
• Earning Wooz, the currency for members only
• Access to exclusive clothing and accessories for your Woozen and your Unitz
• Access to special Spellz and additional votes
• A weekly Wooz allowance for subscribers only


In Woozworld, each player can create a world based on his imagination and choose if he or she wants to share it with his friends and other Woozworld Citi’zens. He can also choose to create complementary Unitz by clicking on the Add box. By choosing to place doors and assigning them destinations (a friend’s Unitz, a Public Zone, another one of his own Unitz), your child can create a virtual world to his expectations.


OS: processor 1 GHz Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) and superior, 256MB RAM
Mac OSX: 1 GHz PowerPC G3 and superior, 512MB RAM
Internet connection

Website: Woozworld

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23 Comentarios de Woozworld

  1. gabriele

    nao consigo jogar

  2. abdullahi9

    i want to become woozband and i want to work woozworld job i am looking for now

  3. Woozworld

    Woozworld is realy fun and suitable for childrens.

  4. rck1125

    woozworld is NOT a safe place for kids! There is no way to regulate the age of the person on the website. There is a lot of sexual and suggestive language and in my opinion is full of predators. I suggest any parent of a tween/teen go on themselves and check it out, it only takes a few seconds to see what Im talking about!

  5. Willa Lordess Aurelio

    the woozworld is really fun even though you neen to buy wooz packs :p

  6. shana

    Why dont you let all of the kids that arent vip not get chereted like the members on the game and you dont under stand i cry all the time because i cant be a vip and i bet other kids wish they were a vip .My mom cant afored it at all

  7. shana

    but cant you plz change it but i like it plz just change it so that all kids when they get back on be a vip

  8. Luigi

    I saw woozworld advertising comdoms while my 9yo dauther was playing! Go and check by yourself!

  9. Dhira

    I have no wooz here. Plz give me some

  10. brianna-00

    the screenshot of woozworld was when it was old and new!!!! so clasic

  11. anonymus

    I would reccommend this to a mature 14 year old but otherwise, no. It exposes sexual languages, swearing and bulling. It is very bad with bulling i thought id test ou this woozworld and a girl wrote on my post “You f###### little beggar your clothes are s##tty and you cant afford dirt you b######” and that was because i didnt waste my money on rip-off vip. You pay around $30.00 for thin air. also it is very addictive to kids and your child needs air and a social life. i would recommend this to 14+

  12. ildranoy-destin

    pass vip 1 ans et 150000 wooz

  13. ildranoy-destin

    pass vip 1 ans et 150000

  14. ildranoy-destin

    je veut un pass vip pendant 1 ans et 3000 wooz

  15. nicki

    Woozworld is a really fun world there used to be bullying and stuff like that but now people get banned easily so it calmed down now

  16. sonya

    I agree with rck1125. I let my daughter play this until I really started watching the language people used. It is very awful and the bullying is horrible. Also there was a creepy 18 year old guy trying to mack on my 9 year old daughter after I saw that I blocked the game. This game is not suitable for children of any age in my opinion.

  17. george


  18. madison

    i hate it

  19. madison

    its retarded all it is is cartoon people talking to each other and getting fake money to buy crap. if u want to do something other than this junk why not aks an adult if u could get a facebook


  20. ronbon

    i love woozworld j’aime woozworld c’est la vie que je vie 1

  21. roma

    its a mouse game u have to get cheese like race for it and umm well
    there is a shaman and he builds for u and u have to wait or be smart eough to go ur own way however u must reach the holein time or else
    u will not get any cheese u also have a shop where u can buy thing
    and there is this skill thing but u much get alot of cheese to do it
    plus about the skill when u level up thts wen u can get a skill one at a TIMEEEEEEEEEEE

  22. jack

    hey people, this place Is fun and safe, just stay away from those creepy people for gosh sakes! wherever you go there are bad people, don’t keep your kids from all kids social mesias!

  23. Damien

    Woozworld is a GREAT place to socialize and explore yourself, however I think it’s should be for 12 years old and up. Like any other places on the internet people can hide themselves behind a screen. Woozworld is just like the real world. There’ll be competition, new things, and strange people. It’s easy, if someone bothers you just either block them or/and report them. Parents, stop being overprotective. If not then just remove them from the modern life and live as an Amish. Jk. There are always two sides to everything. Woozworld will motivate your child’s creativity and improve financial management. They will have to learn to save up to buy the things they want all by exploring the business and trade virtual world. I got to warn you though, woozworld a big money sucking trap. Once you’ve buy a pack of wooz(virtual money) , VIP subscription , or just the latest new clothing, you’ll be hooked. Addicted. Like all games today it’s a pay to win sorta thing. Everyone wants to be the richest, famous, everything, just stay true to yourself and meeting new people around the world is the best thing on there. Good luck all. I am 15 year old and played for 3 years but I’ve quit since I got a life oh

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